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Upcoming Courses & Events


July 2018 Courses & Events

College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE)

Upcoming Events

8/2/2018 Free Open House

Courses and Professional Certificate Programs

6/28/2018 Paralegal – Family Law
7/7/2018 Cisco CCNA Certificate
7/10/2018 TEAS Exam Preparation – English & Language Usage
7/17/2018 Photo I
7/17/2018 TEAS Exam Preparation – Mathematics
7/21/2018 AutoCAD Advanced Certificate
7/24/2018 TEAS Exam Preparation – Reading
7/25/2018 Payroll Fundamentals
7/30/2018 TEAS Exam Preparation – Science

Summer University

Kids Summer Camps

7/2/2018 Adventures In Drawing (Grades 4-6)
7/2/2018 Architecture & Modeling with AutoCAD: Master (Grades 4-6)
7/2/2018 Baking for Teens (Grades 7-12)
7/2/2018 Chet Austin Teen Leadership Academy (Grades 9-12)
7/2/2018 Just Dance! (Grades 1-3)
7/2/2018 LEGO Robotics Engineering & Programming: Creator (Grades 4-6)
7/2/2018 Little Coders (Grades 1-3)
7/2/2018 Stop-Motion Movie Making: Brick Films (Grades 7-12)
7/9/2018 3D Animation (Grades 4-6)
7/9/2018 Comic Book Art and Manga 3: Studio (Grades 7-12)
7/9/2018 EcoAdventures (Grades 4-6)
7/9/2018 Extraordinary Earth (Grades 1-3)
7/9/2018 LEGO Robotics Engineering & Programming: Battle Bots (Grades 7-12)
7/9/2018 Lights! Camera! Action! (Grades 4-6)
7/9/2018 Mod Design & Code (Grades 4-6)
7/9/2018 Smart Money (Grades 7-12)
7/9/2018 Tiny Chefs Academy! (Grades 1-3)
7/9/2018 Tykes & Bytes LEGO Robotics Camp (Grades 1-3)
7/9/2018 Unleashing the Power of Photoshop (Grades 7-12)
7/16/2018 Animal & Wildlife Expeditions (Grades 1-3)
7/16/2018 App Game Design (Grades 7-9)
7/16/2018 Art and Nature (Grades 1-3)
7/16/2018 Art Extravaganza (Grades 4-6)
7/16/2018 CIA: Crime Scene Investigation Adventures (Grades 7-9)
7/16/2018 Digital Illustrations (Grades 7-12)
7/16/2018 Junior Bakers Academy (Grades 4-6)
7/16/2018 Kidprovisation (Grades 4-6)
7/16/2018 LEGO Robotics Engineering & Programming: Battle Bots (Grades 4-6)
7/16/2018 The Writer’s Workshop (Grades 9-12)
7/16/2018 Tykes & Bytes LEGO Robotics: Imagine That! (Grades 1-3)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI-50+)


7/9/2018 Classic Film Westerns- Part 2
7/9/2018 Dissecting the Novel
7/9/2018 Mozart: The Man and His Operas
7/9/2018 Oil Painting – Beginning
7/9/2018 Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors I
7/9/2018 Spanish is Fun! Part I
7/9/2018 Spanish is Fun! Part III
7/9/2018 Spies, Strategies, and Secret Ways
7/10/2018 Bridge in the 21st Century – Part II – Play of the Hand
7/10/2018 Bridge in the 21st Century – Part IV – Bidding Conventions
7/10/2018 Drawing FUNdamentals
7/10/2018 Mah Jongg
7/10/2018 Pencil, Pen & Ink Drawing – Beginning
7/10/2018 Spanish is Fun! Part II
7/11/2018 Bridge in the 21st Century – Part I
7/11/2018 Drawing a Portrait
7/11/2018 Pencil, Pen and Ink – Intermediate
7/11/2018 Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors II
7/11/2018 Show/Don’t Tell
7/12/2018 Animation Appreciation
7/12/2018 Building Blocks Sampler
7/12/2018 Civil War – The Atlanta Campaign
7/12/2018 Conversational Spanish
7/12/2018 Spanish Is Fun! Part IV
7/14/2018 Fitness for Vitality and Longevity
7/16/2018 “Death and Taxes”
7/16/2018 Retirement and Social Security
7/18/2018 Beyond Spanish is Fun
7/23/2018 Painted Vacations in Watercolor
7/23/2018 Retirement and Social Security
7/23/2018 Watercolor From the Masters
7/25/2018 Beginning Watercolor
7/25/2018 Painting From Your Photographs
7/25/2018 Pictures Need Words

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