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Upcoming Courses & Events


Upcoming Courses & Events

College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE)

1/10/2019 – Free Open House

Professional Certificate Programs
01/14/2019 Paralegal – Family Law
01/15/2019 Paralegal – Overview of the Law
01/15/2019 Paralegal – Real Estate Law
01/16/2019 Paralegal – Criminal Law
01/17/2019 Paralegal – Legal Research and Writing I
01/17/2019 Paralegal – Tort Law
01/17/2019 Payroll Fundamentals
01/23/2019 Certified Financial Planner™ Program
01/23/2019 Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program
01/23/2019 Payroll Mastery
01/24/2019 Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program
01/24/2019 Project Management Certificate
01/24/2019 TEFL Certificate
01/26/2019 AutoCAD Essentials Certificate
01/26/2019 Cisco CCNA Certificate
01/28/2019 Bookkeeper Professional Certificate
01/28/2019 Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate Program
01/28/2019 Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Certificate Program
01/29/2019 Ethical Hacker Certificate
01/29/2019 Personal Trainer Certificate Program
01/29/2019 Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program

Professional Courses
01/07/2019 TEAS Exam Preparation – Mathematics
01/15/2019 TEAS Exam Preparation – Science
01/28/2019 Fundamentals of Human Resources Management

Personal Enrichment Courses
01/14/2019 Spanish III
01/15/2019 Artisan Bread Making
01/15/2019 Photo I
01/19/2019 SAT Preparation
01/24/2019 Drawing- The Basics
01/26/2019 Body Sculpture Workout
01/26/2019 Oil Painting – Beginning to Intermediate
01/26/2019 Yoga & Pilates- Perfectly Combined
01/28/2019 Clay Handbuilding I
01/28/2019 Metalsmithing
01/29/2019 Portrait Drawing and Painting – Beginning
01/29/2019 Portrait Drawing and Painting – Advanced

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI-50+)

2/11/2019 – OLLI Winter Social – Enchanting Ireland

01/08/2019 The Artist’s Way
01/09/2019 Cowboys, Indians and Others
01/09/2019 Reflections on Elections
01/12/2019 Basics of Amazon Selling
01/12/2019 Senior Adult Literacy Program
01/14/2019 Beyond Spanish is Fun
01/14/2019 Easy Spanish Conversation
01/14/2019 Introduction to Italian I
01/14/2019 Introduction to Italian II
01/14/2019 Pilates Basics
01/14/2019 Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors I
01/14/2019 Senior Adult Literacy Program
01/15/2019 Drawing a Portrait
01/15/2019 Introduction to French I
01/16/2019 Advanced Spanish Conversation
01/16/2019 Flower Painting in Watercolor Made Simple
01/16/2019 Introduction to French II
01/16/2019 Introduction to French III
01/16/2019 Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors II
01/16/2019 Spanish is Fun! Part I
01/16/2019 Spanish is Fun! Part II
01/16/2019 Spanish is Fun! Part III
01/17/2019 Introduction to French IV
01/17/2019 Social Security and Retirement Income Planning
01/17/2019 Spanish Is Fun! Part IV
01/17/2019 World Literature – Travel Narratives
01/22/2019 An Illustrated History of the Protestant Reformation
01/22/2019 Bridge in the 21st Century – Part II – Play of the Hand
01/22/2019 Bridge in the 21st Century – Part IV – Bidding Conventions
01/22/2019 Drawing / Painting with India Ink and the Tombow Brush Pen
01/22/2019 Genius and Rebel: The Films of Orson Welles
01/22/2019 Gentle Yoga
01/22/2019 Mah Jongg
01/22/2019 Native American Voices from the Northern Plains
01/22/2019 Pilates Basics
01/22/2019 Senior Adult Literacy Program
01/23/2019 Beginning Watercolor
01/23/2019 Creative Writing – Developing the Skills for Fiction
01/23/2019 Gentle Yoga
01/23/2019 Memoir Writing From the Senses
01/23/2019 Painting From Your Photographs
01/23/2019 Publish Your Own Book
01/23/2019 The Gilded Age: 1866-1900, the forgotten decades in United States History
01/23/2019 Write your novel, NOW!
01/24/2019 1864-65 – The Conflict Draws to an End – Booth
01/24/2019 Artificial Intelligence in an Age of Political Discord
01/24/2019 Color Theory for the Artist
01/24/2019 Deconstructing the Novel
01/24/2019 Exercises in Short Story Writing
01/24/2019 Senior Adult Literacy Program
01/24/2019 The Civil War in the Far West
01/25/2019 Ballet Basics
01/25/2019 The Guerrilla War in Georgia
01/26/2019 Fitness for Vitality and Longevity
01/26/2019 Get to Know and Love Your iPad
01/26/2019 Get to Know and Love Your iPhone
01/28/2019 Composing in Watercolor
01/28/2019 Composing in Watercolor
01/28/2019 Escape into Espionage (A Sequel to Spring into Spy Stories)
01/28/2019 Great Historic Voices of Opera
01/28/2019 James Longstreet: Lee’s Old “War-Horse”
01/28/2019 Let’s Go Outside and Paint – Successful Methods of Plein Air Painting
01/28/2019 Oil Painting – Beginning
01/28/2019 Painted Vacations in Watercolor
01/28/2019 The Joy of Singing
01/29/2019 Animation Appreciation
01/29/2019 Drawing FUNdamentals
01/29/2019 Understanding the New Tax Law in Retirement
01/30/2019 Bourbon 101: An Introduction to the only Truly American Spirit
01/30/2019 Let’s Learn to Sign! – Beginning American Sign Language (ASL I)
01/30/2019 Let’s Learn to Sign! – Conversational ASL
01/30/2019 Pencil, Pen & Ink Drawing – Beginning
01/30/2019 Pencil, Pen and Ink – Intermediate
01/31/2019 Alla Prima Oil Painting
01/31/2019 Hand-Knit Socks Two Ways
01/31/2019 The Quest for the Dutchman’s Gold – Booth
01/31/2019 Understanding the New Tax Law in Retirement

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