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CCPE Course Catalog October - December 2018

CCPE Course Catalog


I’ll be the first to admit it – the name of our college can be a bit of a mouthful. We offer a plethora of opportunities and services. If you think about it, our name might not be long enough!

But, what does our name really mean?

Here’s a quick guide:

  • In 2010, we received the official designation of college – one of 13 that comprise this university
  • We offer continuing education programs for personal development or professional advancement
  • Our goal is to increase your knowledge and empower you through education

The College of Continuing and Professional Education – or CCPE – continues to serve a vast audience and a variety of needs. We are not only interested in where you come from but also incredibly invested in where you want to land.

Take Shanise Hall, our featured student in our October-December 2018 Course Catalog, for example. She served in the Air Force for a number of years and was promoted to Staff Sergeant. Hall took on a variety of roles in management, fitness and personnel. She completed her service and earned an accounting degree.

CCPE became part of her journey when she enrolled in our Bookkeeper Professional Certificate program. She continues to thrive professionally and is determined to leave an incredible footprint in her community.

What can CCPE do for you? If you are seeking career fulfillment, log on to one of our many free webinars to explore our different certificate programs. If you are seeking a creative outlet, our Personal programs will likely suit your needs. Are you 50+ and looking to refresh some skills, meet new people, travel and/or explore history and literature? Our OLLI program has this and then some. Looking for a space to host a conference? We’ve got a full team to carry this out for you.

I could write a book about everything our college has to offer, but our Course Catalog can definitely suffice. Thank you for reading, and I wish you the best in your journey with CCPE.

Timothy Blumentritt, Interim Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

Course Catalog
CCPE Course Catalog July - September 2018

CCPE Course Catalog

CCPE Online Course Catalog

Achievement is Unlimited

The power of education is tremendous. I want to congratulate you on taking the first step toward an incredible future.

Just like you, I am embarking on a new journey as interim dean of KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education. I’ve been an Owl since 2006, serving in the Coles College of Business, Distance Learning, and President’s Emerging Global Scholars program. As I continue to learn about professional education and all of the opportunities it provides, it is important to highlight how one person revolutionized programs for adult learners in Georgia.

Barbara Calhoun’s contributions to professional education – not only at KSU but worldwide – is unmatched. For more than two decades, Barbara’s leadership propelled our programs to be recognized by state, national and international organizations. Thousands of students across the state came to CCPE for empowerment, reinvention and success. Barbara’s influence also spans to China, Korea and Poland. She has connected with educators in all three countries about lifelong learning and certificate programs. You can learn more about Dean Calhoun on Page 4 of our new catalog.

Kenneth Danter is another person who is focused on making a major impact. He chose two of our classes – Cisco and Ethical Hacker – to complement his aviation electronics experience in the Navy. After completing our courses, Kenneth passed industry-level certification exams and secured a new job. And he’s set his eyes on another goal – learn more on our blog.

How will you leave your mark? More importantly – how can education be the catalyst? Save the date: August 2 is our Open House. Take this very important step toward what could be a limitless path of achievement and excellence. See you soon.

Timothy Blumentritt, Interim Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Catalog Newsletter October - December 2018

OLLI Course Catalog Newsletter October - December 2018

Tribute to Dick Harp

Barbara Calhoun, former dean of KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education, worked with Dick Harp to create the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute as you know it today. Here, she shares her admiration and respect for the man who is truly the heart of OLLI.

Originally, OLLI was called “Golden University.” I needed someone to coordinate it but I didn’t have money in our budget. Dick said, “I will do that. And I will volunteer to manage it.” In addition to his time, Dick made a discovery that changed everything.

On a flight back from California, Dick read a magazine article about the Osher Foundation rewarding funds for programs that served people 50 and older. He brought it to my office, magazine in his hand, and said, “Should we apply for this?” And I said, “By all means.” It was because of Dick’s initiative that we received our first grant from the Osher Foundation – and it has continued to this day. We also receive an annual college re-entry grant which is used for scholarships.

And it doesn’t stop there: Dick’s conversation on the golf course with Chet Austin, former CEO of Tip Top Poultry, developed into a longtime partnership. Austin is not only an avid supporter of CCPE but also the entire KSU Community.

Dick’s influence is immeasurable. Our OLLI programs and socials are all due to his dedication to lifelong learning and opportunities for adults 50 and older. He has secured many sponsorships so that we can continue to offer events and programs in the community.

Our OLLI Suite in KSU Center is yet another example of how Dick has enhanced our students’ experience. He worked with former KSU president, Dr. Dan Papp, to get dedicated space for OLLI. Without [Papp’s] support, that would not have happened. Dick also got donations from a friend to furnish part of the OLLI space. When you visit the OLLI Suite, you’ll see it bears his name.

We can never thank him enough for all the contributions he’s made to our program. This place is in his heart. He’s contributed so much and he knows so many students in our OLLI program.

He told me his professional background, banking, was a way to make a living. But, until he came into this program, he never felt that he had made a contribution to

the human race. Now he feels that what he’s done has been really important because he’s touched the lives of the people he’s served. He saw how much the older population really appreciated the socials and offering the classes. Dick really made them feel good about themselves.

He’s been involved in everything and has done so many things to help move us forward. You can’t really measure Dick’s influence on the program, but OLLI is strong because of his steadfast support.

Barbara S. Calhoun

OLLI Courses Newsletter, October – December 2018
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Catalog Newsletter July - September 2018

OLLI Course Catalog January - March 2018

Curiosity is Timeless

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers an impressive selection of educational and social opportunities for adults age 50 and older. With a purpose to promote lifelong learning and continued intellectual and personal growth for retirement-age individuals, OLLI has become the place for fun, interactive learning in a safe and encouraging environment.

Our curriculum draws from the interests, talents and experiences of older adult learners. Academic courses are college level (without the homework, term papers and tests), and cover everything from personal computers to fitness for life and visual arts. Social activities include various gatherings for dinner, laughter and entertainment.

Every student that enrolls in our program becomes one of our OLLI members and will begin to receive our quarterly Newsletter. Our members become part of our unique OLLI family where learning is a continuous part of our culture. Our members are proud to be a part of OLLI and many of them have developed close friendships and experienced memorable learning experiences. Come join us and see what OLLI can do for you!

OLLI Courses Newsletter, July – September 2018