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Languages for Travelers


Languages for Travelers

Going Abroad?

Try our short and easy courses for tourists!

Italian for Tourists
Are you planning your next travel adventure to Italy? Learn phrases and culture in this introductory course.

Italian for Tourists – Part Two
Continue learning new phrases and vocabulary while raising your comfort level with the language. Try this course if you have taken a previous Italian class, and/or traveled to Italy and have a basic foundation with the language.

French for Tourists

If you are you planning your next travel adventure to a French-speaking country, start with this course to get the most out of your trip!

Spanish I

Whether you are planning a trip to a Spanish – speaking country or if you just want to refresh your basic Spanish skills, this introductory course will provide you with a good overview of common words and phrases used in the language.

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Inspiring Inclusiveness in the Classroom
Jill Conversano TESOL graduate
After taking some time off from working as a writer and editor, Jill Conversano was looking to get back into the workforce. “It would have been easy to drop back into writing and editing, but I wanted to do something different,” she said. Hoping to live and teach overseas, she found our program, a comprehensive TEFL Certificate (formerly called TESOL Certificate) through a Google search.... read more ❯

Partnership Provides Korean Teachers English Training
Korean Grads Taking Photos
Several Korean educators participated in an intensive six-week training at our college this fall. The group attended classes led by TESOL and ESL instructors that helped them improve their English teaching skills, fluency and cultural understanding. This marks the seventh group that has successfully completed the program. “I learned several techniques and activities that I can use to make my... read more ❯

Multilingual Workers in High Demand
Medical Interpreter
Whether companies are conducting business overseas or trying to earn a larger market share at home, employers are increasingly seeking bilingual workers. Employees who are bilingual in English and Spanish are particularly in high demand. Latinos are now the nation's largest minority group, accounting for half of the population growth since 2001 (U.S. Census Bureau). Why It Pays to Be... read more ❯