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Pedorthist Certificate


Pedorthist Certificate

The College of Continuing and Professional Education at Kennesaw State University and the Foot Solutions Academy of Pedorthic Science have partnered to offer a Pedorthist Certificate program — one of the few programs approved under the new Pedorthic curriculum. Pedorthists are healthcare professionals who specialize in the comprehensive patient foot care using therapeutic foot wear and supportive orthotic devices.

Our Pedorthist Certificate Program is designed to accommodate the busy lives and families of our students. Unique among pedorthist certificate programs, our course is 56 hours online and 84 hours (10 days) live, on-site classes for the practice laboratories and hands-on learning. This provides for the fastest track to becoming a Pedorthist and greatly reduces costs of hotel and meals for the onsite classes.

Pedorthist and Customer

This intensive program will prepare you to take the Pedorthist Certification Exam. Pedorthist Certification is required to work with people to help them live better lives by addressing conditions of the foot. The field of Pedorthics is a rewarding one with opportunities for growth within an allied health field that is expanding at an amazing pace. The Academy of Pedorthic Science is one of the most respected international schools of Pedorthics. Per the most recent statistics from ABC, our student pass rate is the highest in the country. Students from our program taking the ABC exam have an 85% pass rate vs the national average of all schools at 70%. The Academy of Pedorthic Science is proud to offer special assistance for Veterans.


More Information and Registration

The Academy of Pedorthic Science Pedorthic Program allows you up to six months to complete the program.

Our Program is approved by The National Commission of Prosthetic and Orthotic Education (NCOPE) and the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC).

Learning Domains:

  • Patient Assessment
  • Formulation of Treatment Plans
  • Implementation Of Treatment Plans
  • Follow up Treatment Plans
  • Practice Management
  • Pedorthic Professional Ethics and Compliance

You will begin with thorough review of human anatomy with focus on anatomy of the feet. Human anatomy includes muscles, nerves, bones and skin. Theory and actual practice of orthotics, therapeutic shoes, modifications and custom design will follow. The student will learn on actual CAD/CAM technology and conduct their practice labs in a working orthotics/fitting/technology production facility. A Pedorthist is required to adhere to all laws, statutes and regulations as a medical professional. HIPAA, Medicare, Federal and State laws are covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Terry Reed


“[Instructors] were very helpful in all technical areas and were a wealth of knowledge with may slides of case studies showing the student what to look for and how to help their patients.”

– Terry Reed

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