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Career Development


Career Development

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Interview Coaching

We live and work in a very competitive world, one in which the job interview has never been more important. Job seekers of all ages can benefit from interview coaching. With the use of tested techniques and targeted resources, you can build confidence in your interviewing skills and deliver quality information with impact. This class arms you with powerful interviewing techniques to make a positive impression upon potential employers. Learn how to effectively promote your number one brand…YOU.

  • Understand and leverage the power of behavioral interviewing techniques
  • Identify key talking points for the interview
  • Translate past challenges and achievements into engaging interview scripts
  • Understand how to master the three core components of the interview and how to identify core skills and strengths to help prepare for the interview
  • Gain confidence in controlling worry and anxiety surrounding the interview process
  • Focus on critical fine points to elevate your interview performance

Upon successful completion of this class, students will have an action plan to better prepare for and complete job interviews from a position of strength.

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Professional Branding & Resume Writing

Are you seeking a new career role or considering a career transition? This class looks beyond job titles and explores roles that represent a strong fit. Employers want specialists and experts on their team. Learn how to give them what they want while landing a better career.

The class will focus on the following tools, resources and techniques to put you on the path toward a successful job search:

  • Embracing your uniqueness
  • Becoming an expert/specialist
  • Building an expert profile
  • Joining like-minded professionals
  • Promoting yourself
  • Crafting a focused resume
  • Developing your job search documents
  • Networking
  • Using tools, techniques, and resources for brand promotion
  • Developing a LinkedIn profile that gets noticed
  • Behavioral interviewing techniques

Upon completion of this class, you will gain a greater focus and an action plan to successfully compete in the current job market.

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Launching and Refining Your Linkedin Profile

If you aren’t using LinkedIn during your career search or business networking, you are missing out on one of the fastest growing and more effective career tools on the market. LinkedIn has a much broader and greater use than just finding a job. It’s long been a tool that professionals use for a variety of reasons, such as an online “Rolodex,” a marketing tool, an online presentation platform, a forum for private and public discussions, and much more. And as it has grown over the last few years, more and more attention has been placed on it to help connect job seekers with career opportunities. Its greatest benefit is connecting the seeker with the job opportunity via networking through your contacts to the people that are looking to hire new talent.

This class will go beyond the basics, although basics will be discussed. However, the goal is to focus on the ability to leverage LinkedIn to help locate jobs, contacts, or leads. You’ll learn both why and how to be a professional online networker and how to make LinkedIn work for you in your job search!

  • The profile
  • How to best utilize Groups
  • LinkedIn and your job search
  • Open Q & A on LinkedIn

Anyone can attend, whether or you are currently in a job search or simply want to learn more about LinkedIn.

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Discover the Hidden Job Market

You’ve probably asked yourself, “What is the hidden job market? Why is it hidden and how can I find it?” In this class, the hidden job market isn’t really hidden, but it will take creativity, resourcefulness and determination to access. You will discover the hidden job market is just another name for a proactive job search.

Learn how to take control of your search by ending the old, obvious and tired tools and techniques. You will be introduced to a fresh, new way of unearthing the hidden job market by using:

  • Networking
  • Print Ads
  • Metasearch Job Boards
  • Specialty Job Boards
  • Researching Companies of Interest
  • Professional Associations
  • Alumni Associations

The course will also teach you how to effectively organize your time and leverage your resources to create momentum in your job search. In a competitive market, the candidate who is willing to put in the time and effort, while being more creative and tenacious, will have the advantage.

Now’s the time to take control, kick it into gear and uncover promising leads. If you need help getting organized, staying focused, updating your marketing materials, or preparing for interviews, this class is for you!

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Note: CCPE students that have enrolled in a class within the last year receive a $50 discount. Must register by phone or in person to receive discount. Call 470-578-6765 for details.


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