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Contest Semi-Finalists


Congratulations to the top four applicants of our So You Think You Can Demo contest. Now it’s up to ChemEd 2015 participants to vote on their favorite video demonstration!


Links to each of these four semifinalist videos are shown below, along with brief bios of each applicant. The top three videos will be selected based on your vote, and these three finalists will perform their demonstrations LIVE, and be awarded prizes, at ChemEd 2015 on Friday afternoon (July 31, 1:00 – 2:30; Bailey Performing Arts Center).


Please vote for your favorite video no later than Friday, July 10, so that we can notify our winners with enough advance time to prepare for their live demonstration at ChemEd2015. Follow the YouTube links given below to view the videos, and then register your evaluations of each video at the link below.




View the Top Four Video Demonstrations (listed alphabetically by last name)

1. Yvonne Clifford in The Pressure of Being a Troll



Yvonne Clifford is proud to teach at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School in Cambridge, Ont., Canada.   She received her formal post-secondary education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. Her informal (though no less valuable) education has come from the following: learning from her many wonderful mentors, visiting many museums, reading professional journals such as Chem 13 News, and by attending a variety of conferences, including and especially Chem Ed and Science Teacher's Association of Ontario (STAO).

Yvonne’s primary goal is to have every student experience the wonder of chemistry. She warmly encourages students to take chemistry, with kinesthetic learning activities the dominant component. Her classes include an abundance of practical laboratory time, thereby helping her students reinforce their knowledge of the critical chemistry concepts and give meaning to the theoretical component as well.


2. Laila Hassam in Oxidation States of Manganese



Laila Hassam is an Honour Specialist Chemistry teacher at AY Jackson Secondary School in the Toronto District School Board in Ontario, Canada. Her teaching subjects include both Grade 11 and 12 Chemistry. Laila went into teaching chemistry because it's pHun.  Her best friend is "Milli Mole” and her most prized possessions are her tie-dye lab coat and matching goggles. One day she hopes to be a "molelionaire".  Laila has a flair for labs and demonstrations and shares this with her students.


3. Tom Kuntzleman in The Science Behind why a Balloon Pops when Squirted with an Orange Peel



I have been teaching science for over 20 years. I earned a B.S. Ed. in Chemistry from Bloomsburg (PA) University, an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Michigan.  While I have taught science at every level from middle school through college, I have been teaching Chemistry at Spring Arbor University (SAU) for over 10 years.

I am heavily involved in informal science education. I have delivered close to two hundred science demonstration shows on campus and at public schools.  I founded and direct SAU’s Cougar Science Camp, which regularly draws about one hundred K – 8th grade students to our campus for a week of science experiments, demonstrations and fun.


I have a deep appreciation of all things scientific. As a result, I have published in the Journal of Chemical Education on varied topics such as chromatography, the dry ice in water experiment, spectroscopy, kinetics, electrochemistry, and informal science education.  I currently write a blog for the JCE Chemical Education Xchange site.


4. Regina Rüffler in Forgetful Barkeeper – Chemical Magic



Regina Rüffler studied chemistry at the Saarland University in Germany and received her Ph.D. degree there in 1990 in the field of physical chemistry. Afterwards, she taught physical chemistry on all university levels at the University of Hamburg. Since 2002, she is member of the “Eduard-Job-Foundation for Thermo- and Matterdynamics.” The aim of this foundation is to improve education in natural sciences with particular consideration of a new approach. On behalf of the foundation, she wrote together with Georg Job the text book Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle, which includes more than 100 demonstration experiments.






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