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Your Intro to HR

Your Intro to HR

Companies come and companies go, producing products and selling services, but one thing they have in common: human capital is what makes it all work. That’s where HR comes in.

You’ve probably worked with or known someone who works in human resources, but have you ever wondered if it might be the career for you? John Jakovenko, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, who teaches our Fundamentals of Human Resource Management course, explains how this class can help you get started in HR.

Who is this class for?
The fundamentals class is designed for those who may be thinking of a career in human resources, professionals with new human resources responsibilities or even professionals who are new to the field altogether.

John Jakovenko

John Jakovenko, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

But I don’t know anything about HR. Is this still for me?
Yes, this is the perfect class for you! Nothing can make you feel more comfortable in a new role or with increased responsibilities than confidence. The HR fundamentals class is designed to provide you the relevant HR information you need to feel more confident in your role and more knowledgeable in the laws that apply to you and your company.

How do you like working in HR?
I’ve been doing HR since my first job as an HR assistant during grad school — roughly 12 years now. Human Resources is a terrific career field. As an HR professional, you have the opportunity to embed yourself in all aspects of the business.  From recruiting to performance management, you have to know how your core business operates to implement effective HR programs.  A career in HR gives you the distinct opportunity to interface and be a part of the entire company, not simply one area.

Who would you recommend this field to?
People who are successful in human resources are those who like studying — as laws are always changing, writing (lots of documentation) and business. Highly successful HR professionals understand all aspects of a business and can effectively make their HR department and HR responsibilities fit into the business’s overall strategy.  And yes, you should like people too.

What basic ideas do you cover in the class?
Our class covers all aspects of the HR function.  We discuss hiring, promotions, compensation, annual reviews, benefits, terminations, and even strategic planning.  We aim to provide a solid overview of the human resource function so students can begin to apply what they learn in class.

We try to make it an engaging and dynamic learning environment.  It’s more than a teacher covering material. It really is about learning from each other so we can all do our jobs more effectively.

What is the benefit?
You will leave with a better understanding of human resources and how it relates to your current position or your company as a whole. The goal is to walk away with some items you can apply to your job and a solid foundation in human resources. If you are in transition and are considering human resources as a new career path, then you will leave with enough information to better understand the industry and hopefully start an exciting career in the field.

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