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Women and Money

Women and Money

Women and MoneyA recent study by Prudential titled “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women” revealed that women feel no more prepared to make wise financial decisions today than they did two years ago — or even a decade ago. Nearly 75% of women believe having enough money to maintain their lifestyle in retirement is very important, but only 14% are confident they will be able to.

On average, women live five years longer than men. This results in having to assume sole responsibility of making important financial decisions. OLLI’s Women and Money class is led by longtime financial instructor Ted Sanders who teaches students to expect the unexpected.

“Many women are struggling to feel in control of their finances,” said Michelle Girage, program director. “There’s a big misconception that you have to have certain amount of assets or income, but Ted’s session will provide clarity to help you be properly prepared.”

Sanders reinforces to women that currently they have never been in a better position to achieve financial security for themselves and their families. To do so, they must seize the opportunity for long-term financial success by recognizing potential issues with careful planning.

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