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Why Study Music?

Why Study Music?

We sat down with Barbara Hammond, instructor for OLLI’s Music Appreciation course, to discover how this class is designed to perk up your ear.

Who is the ideal student for this course?
The ideal student for a class in Music Appreciation is one who already loves to listen to music, but wants to learn how to focus his/her ear in a way that will make the experience more meaningful.

Why study music? What are the benefits?
The study of music helps us connect the heart or joy of music to the head and then back to the heart, engaging new knowledge to the love of music.

Music Appreciation

Barbara Hammond leads an exciting Music Appreciation course to a roomful of OLLI students.

What should students expect to learn/discover from this class?
The class explores the elements or building blocks of music:  rhythm, melody, form, instruments, voices, etc.   This exploration is keyed to concerts and events which are available locally.  A variety of listening strategies are suggested and implemented in fun and interactive ways.  Each class previews local concerts such as those offered by the Kennesaw State School of Music, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Opera, and other opportunities and venues.

What are some of the suggested field trips? Why have those been chosen?
Attendance at local concerts that have been recommended and previewed in class are encouraged, but certainly not required.  Some students like to attend many events, some a few, and some students prefer to listen to CDs, etc.  Every person should be encouraged to try new things, but also to do what is best for their personal comfort zone.  Many local concerts are free or very affordable.  At KSU or the Georgia Symphony, parking is free and the lots are well lit.

Other thoughts about music or the class you’d like to add?
Yes! We do not have to know a lot to enjoy music.  But some knowing and broadening of the exciting world of music gives the listening experience greater richness.  For many people, the opportunity to “de-mystify” the art of music is an enjoyable experience.  And an opportunity to interact within a class of lifelong learners is a fun and rewarding time well spent.

Next Class:

  • Music Appreciation
  • Meets Mondays from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Photo: Along with teaching for OLLI, instructor Barbara Hammond serves as a soprano in the Georgia Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

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