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What is WIOA?

What is WIOA?

As one of several financial aid options offered to students, we have seen many take advantage of WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) funding to reinvent themselves in the workforce.

Here’s one success story from a Paralegal Certificate graduate.

Terri Rayburn paralegal headshotTerri Rayburn
After being laid off from her local catering job of 16 years, Terri discovered she qualified for funding while visiting her local unemployment office. She seized her opportunity and also graduated from our Paralegal program.

“My success could not have been possible without [WIOA] funding and all the outstanding instructors,” she said.

What is WIOA?
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was enacted July 2014 to replace the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The federal grant covers training expenses for individuals who have been laid off or whose household income is at or below the federal poverty level. It’s designed to benefit job seekers, laid-off workers, older youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities and employers.

How does WIOA work?
WIOA seeks to increase employment, retention and earnings of their participants. Each participant is directed toward in-demand occupations, and we will train individuals for those industries.

What type of training does WIOA fund?
WIOA funds high-demand occupations such as healthcare, technology, finance and management. We offer WIOA funding for nearly 30 professional certificate programs to provide students relevant training to re-enter the workforce.

What are the qualifications for WIOA funding?
General requirements for participation in the WIOA program include:

  • Being unemployed
  • Obtaining U.S. citizenship or lawful, permanent residency
  • Having registered for selective service (if male)

Other factors may include:

  • Being a veteran
  • Lower-level income status

How do I become a participant in WIOA training?
For more information or to apply for a WIOA grant, contact the One-Stop Workforce Center for the county in which you reside, or the county where you worked when you were laid off from employment. If you live in Cobb County, contact the WorkSource Cobb office.

Since the application process takes several weeks, we recommend you don’t delay in getting started. Once approval is awarded, contact our Registration office for a Letter of Acceptance by emailing CEFinancialAid@kennesaw.edu or calling 470-578-6765.

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