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Time to Eat

Time to Eat

Mystery BasketBig flavors and even bigger appetites were all part of the second installment of our Mystery Basket challenge. The students in the Culinary Apprenticeship Program were able to once again showcase their skills during CCPE’s take on Food Network’s show Chopped.

The students were given a basket that contained a starch, protein and vegetable. The challenge? Create and plate a dish in 90 minutes.

Mystery BasketWith the fervor of an episode of Bravo’s Top Chef, 12 Culinary students mastered their dishes. Examples of the cuisine included a salad of Brussels sprouts, pecans and honey, Thai spring rolls with rib eye and vegetables, risotto with caramelized pearl onions in cream sauce, and sweet potato ratatouille with apples, peppers and onions.

While the Mystery Basket night is held twice each year — once in the fall and once in the spring — the grand finale of the program is Chef’s Table. During Chef’s Table, students put it all nine months of training and apprenticeship into practice, displaying their skills for family friends and staff.

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