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Korean Educators Train Through TIE Program

Korean Educators Train Through TIE Program

The College of Continuing and Professional Education continues to provide opportunities to individuals who seek to teach English as a second language locally and abroad.

We’ve been partnering with the International Teacher Training Institute since 2012 as part of the TIE (Training for International Educators) Program, providing English and TESOL methods that Korean English teachers can apply to their classrooms back in Korea. Elementary, middle and high school Korean English educators came to the U.S. in May. They also participated in a practicum at various schools in Fulton and Cobb County.

Korean EducatorsOur partnership continues as we train two new groups of Korean educators this summer. The goal of these classes is to teach them different methods and strategies through classroom games and activities focused around reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation. Some of the in-class activities include hands-on teaching techniques such as clapping out the stress on syllables, illustrating words with Play-Doh and watching how the mouth forms words in the mirror.

Korean EducatorsThe goal of the Korean Ministry of Education is to further the standards of English education in Korea by exposing the educators to American methods and strategies. The Korean Ministry of Education would like to advance to a model in which Korean teachers will be the primary teachers of English in their schools.

What is TESOL?
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a four-course program that will prepare you to work as a teacher, trainer, tutor or cross-cultural communicator locally and abroad.

What is ESL?
English as a Second Language is a program that helps students with speaking, listening, reading and writing English.

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