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Social Media Grad Gets Multiple Job Offers

Social Media Grad Gets Multiple Job Offers

Interested in social media and looking for a career change? The Social Media Marketing course could change your life like it changed Gretchen Hornsby’s.

Gretchen started off as a teacher but after 12 years in the classroom and having two children of her own, she was looking for something new. Gretchen took a communication position at a large church with a 10,000-member congregation and realized she had a true passion for this field. The position introduced her to the world of communications and inspired her to further her education in social media. Having earned her Master’s in Education from Kennesaw State, she knew the College of Continuing and Professional Education would be a great place to sharpen her skills.

“I attended the Open House held in January and was very impressed with how engaging and organized the evening was,” said Gretchen.

At Open House, Gretchen was able to speak to Social Media Marketing instructor Tyra Burton who gave a presentation on the course. After realizing how much the course lined up with her professional goals, Gretchen was eager to sign up.

Gretchen Hornsby“This certificate played a significant role in my recent job search,” she said after receiving her Social Media Marketing Certificate. “While I had some interviews prior to earning the certificate, once I completed it and included it on my resume, I saw a real difference in the interest employers had in interviewing me.”

Gretchen applied for four positions, interviewed for three, and was offered two of those positions. She is now proudly working in a communications position for Kennesaw State University. She still has intentions to use her social media skills to help nonprofits reach their audiences and make a difference in their communities.

“Never be afraid to learn new things and expand your horizon,” Gretchen said. “You don’t have to go back to school full time or sacrifice precious time with your family to add valuable skills to your resume. The College of Continuing and Professional Education is an excellent place to advance your career and achieve your professional goals!”

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