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SHRM Certified: New Job and New Opportunity

SHRM Certified: New Job and New Opportunity

There’s nothing more exciting than a new job offer in a career field you love.

Angela Prine, SHRM-SCP, knows that first-hand. She took our HR management certificate course last year to prepare for the SHRM certification exam. She also recently received an offer to join Oracle as their Human Capital Management Solutions Consultant.

“I received the offer a few days before I took the exam, but I believe that my resume, reflecting the human resource management class at KSU and notating that my certification exam was set for Friday, helped tremendously,” she said.

Angela has some exciting opportunities ahead that she’s looking forward to. Here are her thoughts on all that has happened.

How do you feel about what you’ve achieved?
Personally, I’m proud of myself for earning my SHRM-SCP! Even though I’ve been working in human resources for over 15 years and have had a progressive career, I’ve always felt I bumped against the “hypothetical ceiling” because I don’t have a degree.

However, now that I have my SHRM-SCP certification, that alone shows the level of experience and knowledge I have in my field as a human resource professional.  It has already begun opening up doors for me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

What did you think of the HR certificate course?
The course itself is very comprehensive.  The classroom environment is interactive. It allows us to become engaged with our classmates and the instructor.  We’re able to share real-life experiences and hear diverse approaches and solutions from peers in our field that are exposed to different industries.

Did it help you pass the certification exam?
Most certainly! I honestly don’t believe I could have passed the SCP exam without the course. When I made the decision to get my certification, I had to find the right preparation method for my learning style, and I was able to find that with the human resource management classroom course setting offered at KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education.

How has it helped in your career?
I think it has taken my professional confidence to a whole new level.  As human resource professionals and executives we have to prove value in offering solutions that impact our business’ bottom line, and sometimes that can be challenging.  With going through the course and learning the materials, it teaches us to think and act more strategically in our approach.

More importantly, it allows us to take the techniques we learned in the classroom and immediately implement them to real-life business problems, whether it be writing more thorough business cases or by approaching analyzing data in a more systematic mindset that will ultimately support the company in meeting its goals.

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