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Registered Nurses: Are You in Compliance?

Registered Nurses: Are You in Compliance?

Healthcare continues to be recognized as one of the fastest growing industries in the market. More specifically, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rate for a registered nurse is 26% through 2020. Also, Yahoo ranks registered nurse as the No. 2 career field that is high in salary and low on school.

Are you a registered nurse?
Did you know Georgia requires continuing education hours for licensure renewal? Registered nurses must complete 30 hours in order to renew licenses expiring on or after Jan. 31, 2016. Let us be your solution to successfully completing this important process.

We’ve recently unveiled several new online training programs to accompany our previous offerings:
Brain Health (New)
Food, Nutrition, and Health (New)
Healing Environments (New)
Healthy Aging (New)
Meditation (New)
Starting Your Own Business in Health and Healing (New)
Stress Management (New)
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
End-of-Life Care
Holistic and Integrative Health
Integrative Mental Health
Pain Assessment and Management
Perinatal Issues
Spirituality, Health, and Healing

Are you a WellStar employee?
If so, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a 10% employee discount! Call us at 470-578-6765 to learn more.

Nursing Exam Prep
If you’re in need of exam prep, our classroom-based courses are designed to help you develop learning and test-taking strategies, as well as assess and strengthen any of the four main subject areas covered.

Classes include:

  • TEAS Exam Preparation – English & Language Usage
  • TEAS Exam Preparation – Mathematics
  • TEAS Exam Preparation – Reading
  • TEAS Exam Preparation – Science

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