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Project Management Graduate: ‘Goal Accomplished.’

Project Management Graduate: ‘Goal Accomplished.’

In the spring of 2016, Alejandra Menacho was searching online for programs that would not only take her career to the next level but get her ready for the PMP exam. After doing a lot of research, the Project Management program at CCPE was the most appealing to her. Alejandra’s brother graduated from KSU and her niece was admitted, so she knew it was the right place to start.

“I liked it being a three-month program. It gives you time to truly understand all the information instead of being given to you in five days like most boot camps do,” she said.

The instructors and the material were easy for her to understand and proved to be a great resource when it came to the exam.

“I heard a lot from other people about all the resources they used to pass the exam; for me, the class and the materials provided were enough to get me ready,” she said.

Going into the exam, Alejandra felt very prepared and confident thanks to the advice of her instructors who suggested taking the exam as soon as the class was over. She was able to take the exam a month after taking the final for the program.

After the class was over she continued to study at least two hours every day and taking mock exams during the weekend alongside the materials provided in class for application use. Although she described the exam as being long and nerve-racking, she passed! Receiving her certification felt “very fulfilling; a goal accomplished.”

She was previously an intern architect for residential and mix-use designs.

“I’ve been working on the trade show business for over five years now, projects are an everyday thing for me,” Alejandra said.

After completing the program in August 2016, she has been able to implement a lot of the knowledge gathered in the program in her workplace. “It gave me the confidence and the basis of project management to start building my career up,” she said. Alejandra wants to continue to improve and apply the knowledge she gained, now that she has her certification.

For other project management students about to take the PMP, she advises to give the class your all: “It is the best preparation you can get. Follow the instructor’s advice and continue to get ready after class and take the exam as soon as you can. Preparation tests are great. Take at least four of them. If you’ve been studying and preparing, there is no reason for you to not pass the exam.”

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