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Project Management Grads

Project Management Grads

Susan Williams and Jazmane Jenkins passed their Project Management Institute (PMI)® certification test after finishing the Project Management program. Both ambitious to get their future careers started, they reminisced on their experience with us.

Susan and Jazmane said they chose us for our convenience and flexibility with their busy schedules. Once finding CCPE, Jazmane didn’t look at any other programs. He found that it gave him a good base for the rest of his career and provided him with excellent real life examples.

Susan Williams, graduate

Susan Williams

Susan was won over by the positive impression she was given:

“I was impressed with the caliber of the students and the Atlanta businesses represented.”

Both added that the class size and having two professors added to the experience and made it an environment in which they could both thrive.

At first it almost seemed impossible to Susan that they would cover all of the material in the class, but she said her instructors (Pete Schestopol and Francine Warner) were great. They helped the class to grasp the concepts, which translated to doing well on their PMI certification test, a comprehensive exam allowing students to further in their career and excel in their future projects.

Jazmane Jenkins

Jazmane Jenkins

Both Susan and Jazmane agreed that they felt very prepared for the PMI exam. They felt like they were in the right mindset when it came to the test.

Now that they are Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified, these graduates realize the opportunities available to them. Susan said, “I am looking for a position in which I can use the skills I learned and take advantage of the certification.”

Jazmane also wants to take advantage of all the skills he learned and apply it to his future. Although he already works in the field, he plans on slightly altering his career path to fully utilize his certification.

“Passing the test gave me more opportunities in almost every industry and company. I plan on putting myself in better positions and opportunities now that I have this certification,” he said.

They wanted to give advice to prospective Project Management students. Jazmane said, “Stick to it, don’t give up. It’s going to be hard but know that it will get better.” Susan agreed with him and followed with, “Go for it!”

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