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Paralegal Graduate Spotlight: Audrey Barfield

Paralegal Graduate Spotlight: Audrey Barfield

Audrey Barfield graduated from our Paralegal Certificate program in August of 2015. She currently works for Croy Engineering as a paralegal for the 2016 SPLOST Program, Right-of-Way Department.

Our Paralegal Certificate is our longest-running certificate program, with 31 years. The University Professional & Continuing Education Association named the Paralegal Certificate a Program of Excellence at its Fall 2014 UPCEA South awards conference. In 2014, we unveiled the Joe R. Edwards Law Library which features more than 3,000 donated law books.

During her time at CCPE Audrey took as many classes at a time to be able to graduate sooner.  The program consists of 13 courses. Each course meets for three hours one night per week for six weeks. You arrange your own schedule; you can take one to four courses per six week session. Students receive hands-on experience in our on-site law library, a tour at the Cobb County Court House and conduct a title search in Cobb County.5-24 2

Audrey was able to take Jeff Gaba’s Real Estate Law class, and it was after this class that an opportunity arose to work with one of Jeff’s partners. Audrey secured the job and now works with Jeff and his team as well as other attorneys in Marietta.

“This certificate has allowed me to obtain a career I never thought was possible,” Audrey said. “I absolutely love my job and what I do.”

Our program intrigued Audrey due to her love of the law and every aspect of it. During the program, she gained new skills such as becoming more detail oriented, improving her organizational skills, and learning how to improve emails.

“The research that I did alongside my attorney was extremely educational. He mentored me in a way and set me on my path to where I am today. I’m very thankful,” Audrey said.

She encourages those coming into the program to join Cobb County Legal Professional Association before they graduate. “It is a fantastic group of people and they can also help you in your search for employment,” said Audrey.

“Also, my advice would be to not give up. This program will give you insight and knowledge for you to take to any job that is offered to you. Good luck!”

For more information, visit ccpe.kennesaw.edu or give us a call at 470-578-6765.

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