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Open House: Tips and Tools for Success

Open House: Tips and Tools for Success

When it comes to your professional pathway, you want to ensure each step is the right one. Include our Open House as part of your process.

This free event for career builders is held twice annually and provides a plethora of options for you. However, where do you begin? Who should you talk to? What’s the first step?

That’s where we come in. Keep reading for your guide to this event designed specifically for your advancement.


It’s free, but registration is highly encouraged!

Don’t get stuck in the check-in line filling out forms. Instead, sign up today for a session (or two!) on our website. When you arrive, our friendly team will provide a KSU bag filled with essential items for your Open House experience.

Open House Check-In

It’s a well-oiled machine.

In 2.5 carefully planned hours, you’ll have access to multiple information sessions about the program(s) of your choice. Check the schedule you’re given at check-in for time and room number. Announcements throughout the night will also alert you to upcoming sessions.

Open House Information Session

But … the struggle can be real.

Dana Norman Paralegal Instructor at Open HouseWe get it — there might be 2 sessions starting at the same time and you to have pick one. Don’t let this be a source of frustration. Simply head toward the fountain where friendly KSU staffers — look for the people wearing the yellow ribbons — will be available to provide information about your course of interest. Our instructors often stick around after the session, so you might also be able to talk with them exclusively.

You’ll save money by showing up.

We appreciate you carving out time in your schedule for us so we have little something for you. An exclusive discount coupon is offered at our Open House which offers significant savings on course registration(s). It’s valid on quite a few programs, and you’ll have 7 days to use it. (You can use your savings to buy a nice frame for your professional certificate that you’ll receive at graduation!)

Scrappy the Owl at Open HouseSmile for the camera.

Follow, doubletap or RT your way to the spotlight. Come to our social media station so you can be featured on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Add a dash of school spirit with Scrappy and the KSU Spirit Squad – they will also be available for photos!

Follow the orange feet to a room full of “money.”

Look down. You will see orange footprints leading you to our Financial Assistance room. Here, we will have advisers for VA Education Benefits, Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act funding, Scholarships and loans. Don’t let finances hinder you from a lucrative career. Making an investment now will pay off in the future, so let us help get you started.


Come to Open House and leave as a winner — in more ways than one.

How does a $50 gift card sound? What about freebies from KSU? Enter our drawing and spin our prize wheel for a chance to take home some additional goodies.

Open House Prizes

We want you to get hired.

Have you already graduated and need some assistance with your job search? Come talk to KSU Career Services and GA Department of Labor. Reps from both areas will have information and resources about resume writing, job sites and other useful tools to help with employment.

Missed It? We’ve got your back.

Sick kids, late nights at work, traffic accidents — things happen! If you miss our Open House, just email or call us so you can get your questions answered. There are also free webinars online. You can always save the date for our next Open House — many of our classes are offered multiple times throughout the year, so you’ll have another opportunity to reap the benefits!

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