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New Course: Security Management

New Course: Security Management

Are you interested in a career in protective services? We’re excited to announce our newest certificate program: Security Management.

In this program, you will learn several facets of the security industry and gain exposure to different topics within the field. Taught by Tripp Mitchell, a state certified security instructor with more than 20 years of relevant experience, this comprehensive course will prepare you for a career in security management. We were able to catch up with Tripp to learn more about the program and the industry. Here’s what he had to say:

Give us a brief overview of the new program.

The Security Management certificate program will develop students that want to pursue a career in the corporate security field. It encompasses a variety of topics ranging from legal aspects of security, professional standards, the scope of private security as well as liability and emergency management.  Students can expect to learn the role security plays in today’s business environment. With a focus on professionalism and career potential, this course sets the student up for a career in working within the dynamic world of private security.

Instructor Tripp Mitchell

Instructor Tripp Mitchell

One of the biggest benefits is that the student is cross trained on not only security management topics but the course meets and exceeds the minimum training requirement set forth by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. This means upon completion, not only do you have a high standard of learning from a professional institution, but the course meets all state requirements for training through the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Why is offering this so important?

Studies have shown that security personnel outnumber law enforcement presence at a ratio of 5-to-1. Security management is a career choice with job potential and upward mobility. By offering this course, we can enhance the learning opportunity and growth potential for those entering or already in the field.  In our time of increased crime, decreased government services and client-based safety, the world of security will open up a greater opportunity and wider market for professional-trained employees.

Who is the ideal student?

The ideal student is one that may include:

  • Criminal justice majors
  • Entrepreneurs looking to start a security company
  • Entry-level security officers looking for career development and promotion
  • Retired police and law enforcement officers looking to continue to work in the field as a second career choice
  • Loss prevention and asset protection associates
  • In-house corporate security personnel looking to increase their knowledge base
  • Emergency managers looking to increase their knowledge base
  • Those interested in the field of criminal justice but have no interest in being a law enforcement officer
  • Retired military looking for a great re-entry opportunity

What are some of the most prominent jobs that earning this certificate can lead to?

Prominent jobs include:

  • Security specialist
  • Security manager/supervisor
  • Security director
  • Chief security officer
  • Loss prevention agent
  • Asset protection associate
  • Hotel security manager
  • Hospital security manager
  • Security agency owner

Where do you see the future of this profession heading?

The future is wide open for security professionals. The reduction in government services to the public coupled with the need to protect proprietary assets will only increase over time. Security is a noble profession in which there is a lot of upward mobility and diverse opportunities.

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