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Lifelong Learning in the Big Easy

Lifelong Learning in the Big Easy

Several representatives were on hand to attend the annual Lumens User Summit and Learning Resources Network Conference in New Orleans from Nov. 30-Dec. 5. These events are tailored toward educational institutions and provide resources for lifelong learning programs.

The Lumens User Summit provided our team with insight and guidance on how to better serve you. So what does this mean? Stay tuned — in 2016, we will be revealing new enhancements to the registration process and our website to help you continue with furthering your education and your future!

Derek Brott Catalog CoverOur Course Catalog was also a big winner: We won a contest for “Best Catalog Cover” at the Lumens User Summit and received the 2016 LERN International Award for Excellence in Brochure Design. For the past 2 years, our Course Catalogs have featured our thriving graduates on the cover, and we will continue this exciting trend. From stories of entrepreneurship to traveling the world, we are always thrilled to share articles about the empowerment, reinvention and success of our students.

LERN president William Draves said we “took our student testimonials to the next level” by featuring full-length articles about graduates such as Natalia M. Higgins and Derek Brott. Davia Rose Lassiter, director of marketing, was on hand to receive this prestigious award on behalf of the College.

Davia Lassiter and William Draves

Davia Lassiter, our director of marketing, and William Draves, LERN president

Barbara S. Calhoun, dean, said, “LERN is a trailblazer in the lifelong learning community, and we look forward to boosting our students’ online experience with Lumens. We are extremely honored to be recognized by these outstanding organizations.”

Additional representatives in attendance from our College were Sandra Cobb, finance manager; Andrea Cochran, programs director; Timi Ewbank, administrative associate; Lis Hames, registration manager; and Elizabeth Tanner, healthcare programs manager.

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