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KSU Alum Adds Social Media to Marketing Career

KSU Alum Adds Social Media to Marketing Career

Looking to expand his knowledge for his current position, KSU alum Chris McDoniel knew his needs would be met at CCPE. He enrolled in our Social Media Marketing Certificate course to help with his understanding of how to expand his company’s brand.

“I knew a lot about social media going into the course; however, I wanted to learn more about the different audiences each of the platforms caters to and how to really hone my target market,” he said. As a former student, he received a bachelor’s in Fine Art and worked in marketing as a graphic designer for 10 years.

Currently, Chris works at the Mable House Arts Center, part of Cobb County P.A.R.K.S Cultural Affairs Division. He wears many different hats on the marketing team such as social media manager, marketing specialist and graphic designer. He felt the shift to working full-time in this industry as an easy one given his experience. “I feel like it has been a natural transition to want to learn more about the other aspects of marketing other than the visual side of things,” Chris said.

In the course, he learned the importance of staying up-to-date on social media trends as well as which platforms to focus the majority of his time on for the company. Chris was able to learn what could be improved to help gain and engage more followers.

He knew the course would have a quality instructor but was amazed by Tyra Burton’s endless supply of experience. She went the extra mile to help the students even after graduating. “The course has helped me build my confidence and knowledge in the ever-changing field,” he said.


Since completing the course, Chris has continued to research master’s degree programs. He wants to pursue marketing and has made it his goal to be either a marketing or creative director. The confidence he gained in the program has given him a desire to continue growing as a professional.

“After the course at CCPE, I now have a rekindled drive to continue furthering my knowledge of marketing as a whole,” he said.

Before the course, Chris’s favorite part of the industry used to focused on making quality art and graphics. Now he has realized his love for the human element: “Interacting and building bonds with patrons through social media has now become my favorite aspect.”

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