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Instructor Shares Construction Management Insight

Instructor Shares Construction Management Insight

Samuel Delgado, assistant professor in KSU’s Department of Construction Management, joined our team as one of our Construction Project Management Certificate instructors.

He said, “This program encompasses the core knowledge areas of the undergraduate degree.”

Our course covers basic theoretical and technical concepts while discussing how this dynamic industry continues to evolve and present new opportunities. It is designed for individuals desiring to break into this rapidly growing field and industry experienced professionals who want to enhance their resumes and advance their careers. Students will cover all the managerial skills needed in the construction management process.

“Today’s construction industry needs great leaders to fill a growing void, and employers are eagerly scouting for the best talent that can help secure the future of the industry as the Baby Boomer generation gets ready to retire,” he said.

Construction management is a discipline that offers many tracks to success. This certificate programs combines the prestige of Southern Polytechnic State University’s construction management program with KSU’s award-winning College of Continuing and Professional Education.

Sam Delgado KSU Continuing Education Instructor

Instructor Samuel Delgado

“It is a fulfilling career for anyone that loves working with people, is committed to seeing projects come to fruition, and who look forward to leaving a legacy for the next generation,” he said.

Joining a professional society, such as the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association (GHCA), is a great way to network with others in the field. Samuel serves as a board member of GHCA. He joined the organization in 2015 and has facilitated a partnership with the Department of Construction Management.

One of the core goals of the GHCA is to promote construction education. It does this by providing training, networking opportunities and other services to its industry members, but it also gives our students a venue to become active community participants with full member benefits.

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