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How to Boost Your Office and Management Skills

How to Boost Your Office and Management Skills

Are you looking for efficient ways to enhance your skills and increase your professional worth? We are here to help you achieve this.

To accomplish this, we work closely with the Department of Labor to strategically offer the most relevant courses designed to instill you with the skills needed to enter rapidly-growing job industries. Several employment fields are experiencing growth and seeking prospective candidates proficient with office professional and management skills.

Become a Master Multi-Tasker
One of our Meeting & Event Management instructors, Jeff Whitney, says the course is a great for anyone who has an interest in the meetings/events industry, seeking a career change, or currently works within the industry and wants to broaden their knowledge, understanding and expertise.

Mattie Logan

Mattie Logan

“I owe my career in planning to this program,” said Mattie Logan, program graduate. “It gives you the tools to build a career and support to help you grow and succeed.”

Project Management
Our Project Management program gives you the opportunity to master skills that are crucial in multiple industries with a qualification most employers seek in job candidates. Earning this certificate will enhance your expertise and expand your career options.

“The material and pace of the course is amazing, updated and suitable for people with all levels of project management experience,” Jose Lantigua, program graduate said.

“For the past 14 years, I have been a mission planner for the Army, a job closely related to project management,” said Darrell Vaughan, 2014 graduate using VA Education Benefits. “The project management program has validated my military experiences and helped me apply them to the civilian sector.”

Improve Performance
One of our newest management programs is Lean Six Sigma. It is comprised of two courses: Yellow Belt and Green Belt. Lean Six Sigma is a proven, project-driven strategy to improve quality, increase customer satisfaction and deliver bottom line results.

Instructed by Dr. Bill Bailey, the program is ideal for anyone involved in process improvement, managers, engineers and other improvement team members. Lean Six Sigma began within the manufacturing industry, but is applicable to all organizations small and large. The Yellow Belt is ideally for team members rather than leaders.

You Can Do It!
Relevant training from seasoned professionals could be the key to the job you desire. Are you ready to take the first step to a fulfilling career?

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