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4 Quick Home Design Tips

4 Quick Home Design Tips

Learning interior decorating skills and techniques can help uplift your mood at home and create a positive change. Want to learn how to give your home a “facelift” or start over completely? Here are some quick design tricks from longtime interior designer Jan Britt, who leads our home decorating classes.

The right size
If you feel your couch looks too small for your room, hang a picture, mirror, etc. above the couch that is smaller than the couch. This will make the couch appear larger. Try not to make the picture or accessory too small or it will look off scale and appear lonely.

Color all around
One inexpensive way to make your room look different is to paint you walls a different color to create a different personality. You can choose the color of paint from the current color palette or even decide upon a new color palette if you want!

Home Design

Both rooms pictured here were designed by Jan Britt, an experienced interior decorator and instructor.

In the dark
Dark walls can give different feelings to different people. For some people dark walls create the atmosphere of a quiet reading room and serenity. To others the same walls can make you feel boxed or closed in.

If you like the darker walls you can create them by using paint of paneling. Walls are just the beginning steps in creating this atmosphere. You will also need the proper furniture, accessories and window treatments.

Window magic
Do you have a small window in your bedroom or other rooms? Add drapery panels on both sides of the window to make the window appear larger. Extend the rod or pole (that holds the drapes) out 5-7 inches beyond the wood molding on each side of the window.

If your window is 40 inches wide including the molding, make sure your rod of pole is at least 50 inches wide. The extra width of 10 inches or so will still allow the sunlight to come in the window yet make your window appear larger.

These are just a few of the decorating concepts you will learn in Jan’s classes. Come and have some fun learning the basics of interior design to transform your home.

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