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Graduate Earns CAPM Credential

Graduate Earns CAPM Credential

The possibility of advancement inspired Shannon Holland to sign up for the Project Management program. She is an administrative assistant/project coordinator, and her supervisor suggested the program as a way for her to prepare for the position that would be opening up.

Shannon not only wanted to advance in her current position but have more doors open further down the line. Through this course, she was able to broaden her options. She said, “Project management can be applied across many businesses.”

Shannon and her peers were able to bring their experience to the classroom. During class, she found the interaction between the instructors and students helped tremendously in understanding the material and enhanced the class experience. The discussions were her favorite part, providing a more real-world quality to the material.

Feeling prepared, Shannon took the test to be a Certified Associate in Project Management and passed. She was able to complete the 150 questions on the exam in less than an hour.

“This program has opened up opportunities to take on higher-level work in order to add to my project management experience, and I intend to use it in the future for the Project Management Professional certification,” she said.

Shannon wants to be an integral player in projects, and this course was her starting point. She advises future students to “ask every question you have, go to every class, network with your classmates, and study hard.”

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