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Grad Spotlight: Administrative Professional

Grad Spotlight: Administrative Professional

Changes in the work environment encouraged Julie Fowler to sign up for the Administrative Professional program. She is an Operations Administrator for Cobb EMC, she helps to ensure efficiency and safety, and directs technical operations for the company.

“I have been in the same type of work for over 20 years and there are so many new and innovated technologies out there these days that I need to stay on top of so that I can be more of an asset to my employer,” Julie said. Throughout the program she gained confidence in herself to adapt to the new situations at work.

Originally she began looking online at administrative certifications, but decided to come into KSU Center and picked up a Course Catalog where she discovered our program. “I chose the program because I have much respect for KSU as a whole,” she said.

In the classroom, Julie enjoyed the small class size which was allotted instructors to interact on an individual level and share more information. “I was really impressed with the instructors; they were so willing to guide you even after you completed the course,” she said. The interaction between instructors and students motivated her to further understand the material and enriched the in-class experience.

Administrative Professional Graduate Julie Fowler

Among confidence, Julie gained perspective. Along with her peers, they brought their unique experiences into the classroom. She said, “I was with such a wonderful group of people, of all ages, at different stages of life and careers for each of them.”

In the future, Julie wants to continue to grow within her career and continue to learn. For prospective students, she wants to encourage them to “not give up. It’s so hard to make time stretch to allow for everything you need to do and want to do, at any age; take the time to invest in yourself.”

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