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Grad Feature: Change Agent

Grad Feature: Change Agent

With nearly two decades of industry experience under her belt, Andrea “Andie” Hill discovered her human resources credentials had lapsed. When her employer offered to pay her continuing education expenses to help secure the industry’s most relevant credentials, she seized the opportunity. After receiving a Course catalog in the mail, she immediately registered for our Human Resources Management SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certificate program.

“The class exceeded my expectations,” Andie said. “It was fun, thought provoking and engaging. Citing convenience and location, Andie enrolled for the program’s Saturday course offering held at KSU Center. “That’s what I love about KSU – it’s very flexible,” she said. “They make it easier on your life to work, go to school and have a family.”

Expert Instruction

Andie’s class was instructed by the highly-respected Lisa Hughes. A KSU instructor since 2012, Lisa possesses extensive knowledge of the field and recently served as the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) president of its Atlanta chapter.

“Lisa is a great instructor,” Andie said. “She’s actively involved in the HR community and a good voice for HR. Her class was experiential and provided real-life examples that helped put the course material into perspective.”

“It is always a pleasure having dedicated students like Andie in the program,” Lisa said. “Andie’s commitment to the HR profession is clearly visible and she has a great future ahead of her!”

Andie Hill, feature graduate on The Course catalogExpanding further on the course, Andie said, “It’s easy to get mired down in the day-to-day tasks of the job. This class helped you take a step back and gain a new perspective of the industry as a whole. We learned that everything isn’t task-based and to have a stronger appreciation of the role HR plays in business and the value of the industry.”

Juggling Job Offers

Andie previously worked as an HR representative for a nonprofit company before branching out as a national consultant. After successfully completing the class, she passed the senior certification exam. As a result, she received two senior-level job offers with prominent Atlanta companies.

Creating Change

Passionate for establishing a positive change in the work environment, Andie mentioned several concerning statistics that have sparked her cause. “Sixty-five percent of employees are passively looking for another job,” she said. “That means two-thirds of your workforce is dissatisfied. Something’s wrong. I want to stop that. I want people to be happy and fulfilled.”

“I want to change the way HR functions,” Andie continued. “I want people to enjoy their jobs. I like that the HR aspect adds value to companies, but I want to make it known that HR is an integral part of business. I want to find a way to make HR about people again. The more you value people and take care of them, the more they will give.”

Andie’s Advice

  • If you want to be an HR professional, this class is vital.
  • You have to show you have a knowledge base because the laws are always changing.
  • Just having a degree doesn’t show what you can do.
  • Having the certification tells people that you have the ability to do the job.



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