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Grad Becomes Event Planner

Grad Becomes Event Planner

When Cokkie Eaker was ready for a change, she searched for something that would help her follow her dreams. Our Meeting & Event Management Certificate was her solution.

“Opportunity came in the mail,” she said, recalling when she received a brochure about the program. “It was nice that the course was short and only took up two events per week — very convenient!”

Cokkie previously worked in operations and sales but volunteered often at events which she began to take the lead in the organization and management. Many others noticed she excelled in this and had a real eye for details. They encouraged her to pursue wedding planning, but the program helped her to realize her passion was for corporate events.

She was hired as event planner for The Cyberhub Summit, a company that organizes cybersecurity events for executives and upper level management. She first learned of the position through an advertisement and decided to walk into the office and ask for interview, confident of her resume.

As an event planner, a few of her daily tasks included research on exhibit booths and venues, putting a production detail report, or dealing with contracts. Day-to-day often varied. She said, “One thing’s for sure, you won’t be bored!”

Through our program, Cokkie gained valuable skills for her new career field. She was able to learn the lingo and terminology within the industry along with specific formulas and standards. “[It’s] simple now, but I had no clue about this before I took the course,” she said.

She enjoyed that each class was a different experience. Each instructor is highly experienced in subject areas such as transportation, marketing and travel.

Cokkie said having multiple teachers throughout the entire course made a huge impact in her learning. These experts proved to be valuable connections in the field, and she now had vendors and mentors that were easily accessible.

“Every class was another treat,” she said. “You never knew what type of character would be teaching the next class – it made all the difference for me!”

Her advice for those interested in changing careers: Go for it! She said, “You never know if you don’t try. If you fall, you can always get up.”

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