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Fitness Opportunities

Fitness Opportunities

Are you passionate about helping others live a healthier lifestyle?

Did you know we offer certificate programs that will help you stand out as a health and fitness professional?

According to the CDC, 75% of Americans are either overweight or obese. A trend is moving toward a comprehensive approach to weight management through diet, exercise and health coaching. As a result, health and fitness professionals are in high demand. If you are unsure of your career path, but you would like to work in this industry, then you are heading in the right direction.

Health Coach
The program aims to train you on how to make a difference in the way others live through positive lifestyle changes. This course is designed for people of varying experiences — from nutritionists to personal trainers to parents who want to provide a healthier lifestyle for their families and more.

This program is a great fit if you are interested in a specialty certification to enhance your work in fitness, nutrition, wellness, human resources and the allied health professions, or if you just want the knowledge to help yourself, family or friends in the ongoing quest to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

“The program here at KSU was very affordable when compared to other colleges,” said Jermile Richards, football coach at Kennesaw Mountain High School. “The time frame was great and the instructors were very knowledgeable.”

Personal Trainer
Personal trainers evaluate individual fitness levels and develop customized plans to help clients achieve personal fitness goals. This four-month program includes a combination of classroom lecture topics and hands-on training in our onsite fitness center.

You will learn the basics of human anatomy, exercise physiology, applied kinesiology, and nutrition, plus the integrated fitness-training model. Components of effective cardiorespiratory, resistance, and functional training, as well as guidelines for programming and progressions will be covered.

The program will assist you in preparing for American Council on Exercise certification test. Be on the way to a healthier lifestyle while helping others achieve their health and fitness goals!

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