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Dream Chasers

Dream Chasers

Beth HermesBeth Hermes, OLLI instructor for our new and much requested Dream Journaling class, shares how the writing course came about, what students can expect to learn and why dreams matter:

The popularity of our classroom-based writing workshops has prompted some wonderful stories and inspired lively discussions — one of which has been keeping a journal about dreams. Several of our creative writing students requested if we could offer a class dedicated to dream journaling, and we’ve made it happen starting Nov. 4!

I have been a professional writer since 1989 and began teaching writing classes to adults in 2009. My focus is helping individuals let go of the rules so they can enjoy writing, and to expose them to various types of writing they likely have not encountered such as memoir, poetry and short fiction. We share a lot and laugh a lot, which brings the fun back into writing.

Did you know? The average person has about 1,460 dreams a year — about four per night.

Dreams can be mysterious, but comprehending their meaning can be perplexing. The content of our dreams can quickly shift, contain bizarre elements or frighten us with terrifying imagery. Knowing that dreams can be so rich and compelling is what causes many to believe there must be some meaning to them.

On average, people have five sleep cycles a night. As each cycle concludes, there is a stage of REM sleep. Most people dream for 100 minutes per night. As morning approaches, the longer your REM sleep becomes.

Significant research was conducted by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung for centuries. While it appears as if we are no scientifically nearer to the truth than before, keeping a dream journal can be beneficial to your health. Our dreams provide us with insights to our waking problems and wishes, but only if we decided to pause and take note of them. Anyone can interpret dreams. By learning how to decode your dreams, you can gain access to a wealth of intuitive wisdom.

Who should take this class?
Individuals who are aware of vivid dreams or who feel frustrated when they cannot remember their dreams. This class will teach them techniques to improve recall.

How will this class help individuals solve problems and enjoy greater clarity?
Extensive research exists in the field of dream interpretation and the value of dreams in everyday life. There is a body of evidence that links sleep quality, dream recall, and lucid dreaming to improved health, creativity, and problem-solving. This research will be cited and discussed in class.

Any tips and techniques you suggest?  
I do share these in my regular journaling class and will include some of the experts’ suggestions for recalling and interpreting dreams to enhance creativity and focus. It is my hope that each student who takes this class sees an improvement in this area, at the very least.

Expect to learn:

  • Problem Solving
  • Discovering Patterns
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Creating Clarity & Awareness
  • Developing Different Perspectives
  • Tapping into Creativity

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