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Construction Project Management Launched

Construction Project Management Launched

Beginning in January, our newest certificate training program — Construction Project Management — will be held at our Marietta campus (formerly Southern Polytechnic State University).

This comprehensive program includes a range of courses designed for three types of students:

1.  Those already in the construction field who need CEUs to maintain their license.
2.  Anyone starting a career in the construction industry. This might even be a high school student.
3.  Professionals with a different background who are pursuing a new career.

Dr. Zuhair Itr

Dr. Zuhair Itr, instructor

The program’s instruction team is comprised of Ph.D and master’s-level professors with decades of experience who are actively involved in the continued growth and advancement of the industry.

Leading the way is Dr. Zuhair Itr, who will instruct the Quantity Surveying and Construction Costing Estimating and Bid Preparation courses. We were able to sit down with him to learn more about the program. Here’s what he had to say:

KSU Marietta CampusGive us a brief overview of the program. What can students expect?
The program will cover all the managerial skills needed in the construction management process.

How does this program differ from the other similar ones offered at the Marietta campus?
We also offer a four-year undergraduate bachelor degree program. However, this program is designed as a non-credit certificate-based program to allow those already working in the field to gain necessary continuing education credits applicable to their industry.

What are some of the most important things someone can learn in this program?
How to read blueprints, quantify construction projects, estimate the costs, schedule the work and manage the delivery process.

What job industries (or specific positions) does this program benefit the most?
The building environment: construction management, property management, architecture, civil engineer, mechanical and electrical engineer in their interface with a contractor.

Occupational Trends:
This article shares more about how the construction industry is thriving, especially in Georgia: U.S. Construction Industry is Booming — and 76% of Contractors in Georgia Expect the Construction Market to Continue to Grow this Year.

Construction Project Management Infographic

National Average Salary for Construction Industry by Job:

  • Project Manager – $73,516
  • Project Engineer – $59,890
  • Construction Superintendent – $72,855
  • Assistant Project Manager – $56,174
  • Construction Project Manager – $73,951
  • Office Manager – $44,787
  • Construction Superintendent, Commercial – $74,117

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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