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CNA Grads Helping Others

CNA Grads Helping Others

A desire to help others in need is what Rocio Colon and Mary Groover have in common. Both women, desiring a career in healthcare, were excited to learn about the CNA program in our catalog, “The Course.” After reading the description, they both knew it was the right fit for them. The program aligned with Rocio’s personal schedule and she knew the reputation of KSU as an institution of excellence in education.

“I have always wanted to study nursing and now that I had the opportunity to do it. I registered and completed the course. It was my dream vocation since I like to help and take care of people,” Rocio said. “From the first day I was very pleased and impressed with the knowledge and professionalism that each teacher had and with the enthusiasm and dedication that each taught every subject and skill with.”

The combination of experienced instructors and being taught in a classroom with all the equipment needed to practice every skill was helpful. “The teachers also were very patient while explaining the concepts and skills and took extra time to explain details that were not too clear to me, due to many new concepts that I not normally used or were aware of,” Rocio said. She also found the videos that were played during class were helpful to visualize the skills they were reading about.

Rocio Colon

Rocio Colon, CNA graduate

For both, the hands-on experience added a lot to the program. The clinical training was Rocio’s favorite part while Mary liked the CPR/ First Aid Training. Rocio said, “It allowed me to perform the skills I learned with people that had real needs and the personal touch was incredible.”

Mary enjoyed meeting the variety of people in her class and was able to learn more about taking care of others, especially the elderly. This hit home for her, knowing that one day her parents may need that assistance. “It feels rewarding to help others without them needing to leave the comfort of their homes,” she said.

Mary Groover, CNA graduate

Mary Groover, CNA graduate

Mary is working as a CNA for Faith Medical Services based out of College Park but works with clients on the north side of Atlanta. She helps with the activities of daily living such as housekeeping, bill paying, doctor appointments, general activities and cooking meals. She is also a companion to people whose families can’t afford to miss work to take care or spend time with their loved ones.

“The CNA program has made me even more compassionate towards the mentally challenged and the elderly,” she said. “I feel like I have a more purposeful job now.” After taking this course to reassure her interest, Mary is planning on applying to Clayton State in January to further her career in nursing.

Rocio was able to reflect on her motivations for enrolling: “While taking this course I realized that my personal reason for taking care of others is bigger than what I thought. It gives me great happiness to be able to give relief to those in real need, bring compassion and see their faces of compliance and to know that their needs have been taken care of.”

She wants to use the knowledge and skills the course taught her to start taking care of those less fortunate and in need of care.

Both graduates advise students to take the course to help direct them in the healthcare profession. Rocio specifically suggests going to our Open House and gathering as much information as possible. “Even if you don’t see yourself as a long-term CNA, the knowledge from the coursework and clinical will help you achieve your goals,” Mary said.

Industry Stats

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment of certified nursing assistants is projected to grow 21% through 2022.
  • Our Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate assists in preparing you for the State of Georgia Nurse Aide Competency Examination
  • The CNA program includes hands-on training and 30 hours of off-site clinical training under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

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