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Bookkeeper Instructor Q&A: Tymone Green

Bookkeeper Instructor Q&A: Tymone Green

We caught up with Tymone Green, our instructor for our Bookkeeper Professional Certificate. Tymone graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and has a Master of Business Administration from DeVry University. He has more than 16 years of experience as a corporate accountant and has worked in various industries from healthcare to not-for-profit.

What do you look forward to each time you teach?
The ability to share my expertise and knowledge with students who are interested in starting their own bookkeeping business or looking to advance further in their current career.  I also look forward to building my students’ confidence and helping them achieve their goals.

Why are you passionate about teaching this course?
Experiencing students learning and interacting with each other provides passion to me when I teach this course.  My students come from all walks of life, but they all serve a common purpose when they take this course.

I enjoy it more when the “light bulbs” go off because my students have grasped a certain concept.  Students are the reason why I get so passionate about teaching this course, and I charge myself every class to provide the best education to them.

What type of opportunities will be available to students who take this course?
Students who take this course will be able to obtain jobs or they will have the opportunity to start their own bookkeeping practices.

What can students expect in this career?
Students can expect to be involved in a very important area required for businesses and to be able to advance to other areas of accounting and learn about all aspects of a business organization.

What are some changes in the industry?
The amount of small businesses are projected to change over the next 10 years, so qualified bookkeepers will be needed to set up bookkeeping systems as well as provide financial guidance to small business owners.  Bookkeepers are expected to not only provide bookkeeping services, but other types of services to assist business owners.

Any advice to students interested in taking this course?
Students should expect to learn the basics of bookkeeping from an introductory level.  This is not an advanced course, but a course that will focus on the basics to learn the QuickBooks software better.

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