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An Artist Teaching Art

An Artist Teaching Art

Meet Ernest Varner. He served in the military for over 20 years as a healthcare administrator, but said his first love was art. Nearly 20 years ago, he joined our team as an art instructor and has shared his passion with countless students.

First an Army Colonel, Now a Professional Artist
Ernest always knew he wanted to teach, so he did so every opportunity he had throughout his military career and once he retired. He always studied art with the idea that he did not need to learn it just for himself but also to teach others. While in the military, he was able to study art in various countries including many in Europe.

Ernest VarnerToday, Ernest is part of Portrait Society of America in Atlanta, the Pentagon Art Program and many other art organizations. His artwork was exhibited in the African Embassy for three years where he also had the opportunity to teach high school students.

What courses does he teach?
He currently teaches several art classes here including beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced portrait drawing and painting courses. Additionally, he has taught oil painting in the greater community. He also volunteers to do workshops at the Quinlan Visual Art Center.

“My goal is to teach students to see, understand, do and then create times infinity,” he said.  “See the world in a different way, the way an artist sees the world, then interpret it through lines, value, texture, edges, color etc.”

Ernest Varner ArtAnother important concept in these classes is becoming familiar with the term “in the zone.” This notion will teach students how to explore, create and freely express their ideas.

His Motto
“If you can sign your name and I can read it, you can learn to draw and paint portraits and figures. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s have some fun!”

See More
Enjoy more of Ernest’s original artwork and classroom photos on his Instagram page.

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