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Dean’s Greeting


Achievement is Unlimited

The power of education is tremendous. I want to congratulate you on taking the first step toward an incredible future.

Just like you, I am embarking on a new journey as interim dean of KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education. I’ve been an Owl since 2006, serving in the Coles College of Business, Distance Learning, and President’s Emerging Global Scholars program. As I continue to learn about professional education and all of the opportunities it provides, it is important to highlight how one person revolutionized programs for adult learners in Georgia.

Barbara Calhoun’s contributions to professional education – not only at KSU but worldwide – is unmatched. For more than two decades, Barbara’s leadership propelled our programs to be recognized by state, national and international organizations. Thousands of students across the state came to CCPE for empowerment, reinvention and success. Barbara’s influence also spans to China, Korea and Poland. She has connected with educators in all three countries about lifelong learning and certificate programs. You can learn more about Dean Calhoun in our July-September 2018 Course Catalog.

Kenneth Danter is another person who is focused on making a major impact. He chose two of our classes – Cisco and Ethical Hacker – to complement his aviation electronics experience in the Navy. After completing our courses, Kenneth passed industry-level certification exams and secured a new job. And he’s set his eyes on another goal of pursuing addtional education and credentials in this career field.

How will you leave your mark? More importantly – how can education be the catalyst? Save the date: August 2 is our Open House. Take this very important step toward what could be a limitless path of achievement and excellence. See you soon.

Timothy Blumentritt, Interim Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

Dean Tim Blumentritt