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Course Catalog July - September 2016

CCPE Catalog

Decisions, decisions

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny” – Aristotle

We make choices every day of varying degrees of importance. Some of these are in our control: Getting up or pressing the snooze button? Slowing down at a yellow light or speeding up? Choosing a salad over French fries?

However, some things are out of our control, and one moment can change everything. Just ask Jermile Richards, whose life changed in an instant. What started as a regular day turned into a life-or-death situation in a matter of seconds. Although he could not control his circumstance, Jermile made the decision to not let a traumatic experience overwhelm his personal goals. He chose our Health Coach certificate program because he was motivated to improve his personal health. Today, he’s paying it forward through proactive health education for children. Read more about his incredible story on Page 16.

Where do you see yourself in the next hour, day and year – and how will you get there? More importantly, what motivates you? Some people set goals, and others achieve them. Just ask Jermile and many of our other graduates who can proudly say, “I Did It!”

When it comes to your future, what types of decisions are you ready to make for your own personal achievement? If you desire to increase your knowledge and advance your career, what actions are you taking to make it happen?

Say yes to your success! The choice is yours.

Barbara S. Calhoun, Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

Course Catalog
Course Catalog April - June 2016

CCPE Course Catalog April - June 2016


A new year brings with it a spirit of revitalization. Just think — spring is around the corner and summer will be here soon after. Don’t let the time pass without your own personal revitalization. Sometimes, moments of unpredictability can catapult us to achieving things we might have assumed impossible.

When the back wheels of his food truck broke down, 2014 Culinary Apprenticeship graduate Edgard Sanchez got it towed to SkyView Atlanta. Little did he know, this would be the spot where he would truly kick off his business, C’est Bon Tout 2 Eat. Edgard has gained local and national attention with features on FOX 5 Atlanta, Yahoo! Finance, Clark Howard, the Marietta Daily Journal and Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Although Edgard didn’t plan to become an entrepreneur, the stars were aligned differently. And it all started with him taking a chance. Read more on Page 14 about his culinary journey.

Speaking of incredible opportunities, we now offer FREE webinars. Take a few moments to browse our offerings, find something you’re interested in, and sign up. You will learn something new, and you owe it to yourself. Don’t doubt your potential — be limitless in your quest for success.

Barbara S. Calhoun, Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

Course Catalog Catalog of Online Courses
Course Catalog January - March 2016

CCPE Course Catalog January - March 2016


Can you believe we are only a few weeks away from ushering in 2016? For me, a new year always brings in notions of reflecting on new beginnings, inspirations and opportunities. The ability for reinvention and rejuvenation is so inspiring.

Just ask Vikki Hughes. Her inner voice spurred her career transformation from retail management to language education. After taking our Spanish courses, she was encouraged to pursue a Teaching English as a Second Language certificate. Today, Vikki has been able to connect with hundreds of people in the community who desire to learn English through her work with the English as a Second Language program at the Catholic Church of the Transfiguration in Marietta. Read more about her exciting journey on Page 20.

Speaking of rejuvenation, our TESOL program now has a new exciting format – including the addition of an externship! Like many of our programs, we aim to provide beneficial pathways for you through apprenticeships, site tours, guest speakers and other opportunities for hands-on learning and exposure to industry professionals.
Now, it’s your turn for personal empowerment, reinvention and success. Mark your calendars for January 7 for our brand-new Open House. Take this step, and we’ll be with you the rest of way. So many of our graduates have been able to launch businesses, gain promotions and impact others. Soon, you’ll be among the ranks of successful students who can truly say, “I Did It!”

Barbara S. Calhoun, Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Newsletter

CCPE OLLI Newsletter April - June 2016

Curiosity is Timeless

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers an impressive selection of educational and social opportunities for adults age 50 and older. With a purpose to promote lifelong learning and continued intellectual and personal growth for retirement-age individuals, OLLI has become the place for fun, interactive learning in a safe and encouraging environment.

Our curriculum draws from the interests, talents and experiences of older adult learners. Academic courses are college level (without the homework, term papers and tests), and cover everything from personal computers to fitness for life and visual arts. Social activities include various gatherings for dinner, laughter and entertainment.

Every student that enrolls in our program becomes one of our OLLI members and will begin to receive our quarterly Newsletter. Our members become part of our unique OLLI family where learning is a continuous part of our culture. Our members are proud to be a part of OLLI and many of them have developed close friendships and experienced memorable learning experiences. Come join us and see what OLLI can do for you!

OLLI Newsletter, Spring 2016 edition OLLI Newsletter, Winter edition