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Course Catalog April - June 2017

CCPE Catalog April June 2017 Delores Armstead

CCPE Online Catalog April June 2017

Learning Never Ends

Continuing education programs offer something for everyone. The heart of our College is professional development, and our variety of programs is designed to take you from your first career and beyond.

Delores Armstead is a woman who truly understands the power of lifelong learning. She was inspired by her daughter, a KSU student, and decided to explore continuing education courses to hone her skills. Delores started with Microsoft Office courses and earned her first professional certificate. After taking a few courses in our Paralegal Certificate program, Delores transitioned into the Administrative Professional program. Successful completion of this course combined with the knowledge gained from the Paralegal courses proved to be advantageous – Delores was hired as a member of a legal affairs team.

She said the Administrative Professional course provided her with the confidence in her professional role, and she has her eyes set on completing the Paralegal certificate. In her own words, “Education is vital to success.” It’s this type of positive thinking and initiative that is beneficial in our lives, both personally and professionally. Read more about Delores on our blog and prepare to be inspired.

You can also take a cue from her and consider the complementary nature of our continuing education programs. For example, position yourself as an in-demand office professional by completing the Administrative Professional, Customer Service Specialist and Basic Office Technology programs. Cisco and ISSP certificates could propel you to a long career in IT and cybersecurity. Meeting and Event Management combined with Social Media Marketing could launch your career in the hospitality industry.

These programs are stepping stones to building a successful career. Be fearless in your journey to the top!

Barbara S. Calhoun, Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

Course Catalog Catalog of Online Courses
Course Catalog January - March 2017

CCPE Catalog January March 2017 Melissa Amavisca

Happy Accidents and Successful Careers

Are you a planner, or do you fly by the seat of your pants? As much as I like things to work out exactly how I’ve played them out in my mind, experience has taught me better.

There is a saying that goes something like this: “It’s not a matter of what happens to you. It’s how you react to it.” Poet Carl Sanberg articulates this further: “Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.”

Nursing school was on the horizon for Melissa Amavisca, as it is her goal to be a traveling nurse. However, her Plan B has successfully charted her career in the healthcare field. Her end goal is still the same, but Melissa is thriving — and saving lives in the ER — along the way.

She might look familiar to you as she has been featured in various CCPE commercials and videos as well as returned to our classrooms to connect with other healthcare students. Melissa is truly an inspiration. Learn more about this incredible woman on our blog.

What’s meant for you might not always be so obvious. I am a proponent of education and lifelong learning. Knowledge is a long-term gift – whether it’s a 2-year degree, a bachelor’s degree, MBA, Ph.D, a professional certificate from continuing education – or a combination of them all!

Weigh your options and forge your path. If it doesn’t work out the way you intended, that’s OK – keep going. That’s why so many options for education and career advancement exist. There are no limits on how successful you can truly be.

Barbara S. Calhoun, Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Newsletter

OLLI Course Catalog January - March 2017

Curiosity is Timeless

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers an impressive selection of educational and social opportunities for adults age 50 and older. With a purpose to promote lifelong learning and continued intellectual and personal growth for retirement-age individuals, OLLI has become the place for fun, interactive learning in a safe and encouraging environment.

Our curriculum draws from the interests, talents and experiences of older adult learners. Academic courses are college level (without the homework, term papers and tests), and cover everything from personal computers to fitness for life and visual arts. Social activities include various gatherings for dinner, laughter and entertainment.

Every student that enrolls in our program becomes one of our OLLI members and will begin to receive our quarterly Newsletter. Our members become part of our unique OLLI family where learning is a continuous part of our culture. Our members are proud to be a part of OLLI and many of them have developed close friendships and experienced memorable learning experiences. Come join us and see what OLLI can do for you!

OLLI Courses Newsletter, January – March 2017