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Web Design & Development

Are you ready to create your own website? Web design skills are more desirable today than ever before. Demand is booming due to the growing popularity of mobile devices and e-commerce. Harness your creativity and gain invaluable career training in this intensive nine-month course that will instill you with the integral design principles and industry tools to put you at the forefront of technology. Upon completion of the course, you will have created your own website and added a valuable piece to your portfolio.


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High school diploma or equivalent, completion of our Skills Assessment and submission of the Program Application. Working knowledge of computers and access to a computer and the Internet are required.

Interested students must submit an online Skills Assessment that tests their Language, Computer, Reading Comprehension, and Math skills. For further information and instructions, click here. pdf_icon

What You’ll Learn

This program will help you become savvy with these four modules:

You will be exposed to design principles, usability, the Web development process and file basics. Learn how to scope a project, design applying usability-based ideas and create assets for your sites, including logos and other content. Additionally, an introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator will provide the essential knowledge you’ll need to begin to produce website designs.

You will begin implementing the design principles learned in the Discovery Module to Web page layout. Multiple design ideas and complete website designs will be accomplished through the practices that have been learned. Designing for multiple screens and further design theory will be discussed concerning how to produce elements as designers specifically for the web. You will continue to improve your design skills and generate working design comps through group and individual projects, and introduce Dreamweaver into your workflow.

Though HTML and CSS provide the foundation for much of the Web, modern websites interactively engage visitors. In this module, you will use JavaScript to provide such interactivity. You will learn vanilla JavaScript and use libraries like JQuery and MooTools. You will also learn to use PHP to build additional functionality into your websites.

Design can capture visitors’ attention, but the Web currently hosts millions of sites. Therefore, successful Web designers must also be adept with industry tools and practices such as search engine optimization (SEO) and Web analytics to drive traffic to their sites. You will learn CMS basics, how to use version control for your code and gain confidence in committing changes to public repositories.

Software Platforms Covered
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Dreamweaver
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash

Another tool used in this class is Firebug, which the course teaches as a debugging package.

Students are expected to use HTML and CSS as foundational tools, and JavaScript to add interactivity to their pages. To a lesser extent, the students are expected to use a basic level of Flash. Additionally, the course will expose the students to HTML5.

Website Creation

The course provides you the opportunity to create your own fully functional website as part of the final project. This work sample is ideal to use when marketing your skills to potential employers.


“I’ve created a brand new, fresh, responsive website that is going to be awesome and our customers are going to love it. I have expanded my horizons pretty significantly due to this class.”
David Drake, graduate

Financing Options
  • VA Education Benefits
  • WIOA Funding
  • Continuing Education Loans
Career Options
  • Web publications specialist
  • Website designer
  • Web producer
  • Graphic artist
  • Media integration specialist
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Occupational Trends
27% Growth

— Employment of web developers is projected to grow 27% through 2024 which should result in an increase of approximately 39,500 positions (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

$64,970 Median Salary

— Annual salaries range from $42,770 to $124,860 with the median annual wage for a web developers at $64,970 in May 2015 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Ranked No. 1

— Yahoo! ranked Web Design as the No. 1 career with the most significant growth potential requiring minimal education.