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Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma Certificate Program

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Complete the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt to earn a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate.

Optimize Business Performance
According to many business analysts and quality improvement experts, Lean Six Sigma is the most popular business performance methodology in the history of corporate development. Learn to properly implement this proven business management strategy to help your organization operate more efficiently.

Occupational Trends
The average Six Sigma Green Belt salary for jobs nationwide is $83,000 – 44% higher than average salaries for all jobs (indeed.com).

Why Get Certified?
Differentiate yourself
Demonstrate your commitment to ongoing education and professional standards
Increase your marketability
Promote best practice in your field


High school diploma or equivalent, completion of our Basic Skills Assessment and submission of the Program Application. Working knowledge of computers and access to a computer and the Internet are required.

The Basic Skills Assessment and Program Application are located online. The instructions are here. You will be directed to the program application after completing the skills assessment.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
This program is designed to introduce students to the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma, including the DMAIC model.

Topics include:

  • Capturing the voice of the customer
  • Selecting and managing projects
  • Cost of quality
  • Basic quality tools

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
This certificate program is an extension of the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Students must successfully complete the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in order to begin the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. In this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of the principles and concepts of Lean Six Sigma.

Topics include:

  • Quality tools
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • The standard normal distribution

Advanced topics such as process capability and control charts are also introduced. Lean Topics include 5S, Eight Wastes, Mistake Proofing and Visual Management.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course.

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