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Requirements and Application


Paralegal Requirements and Application

Acceptance Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Basic computer & internet skills

Program Requirements

  • The program consists of 13 required courses.
  • You progress at your own pace. You can take one to four courses each session. We recommend that you take two courses per quarter, which would allow you to complete the program in approximately 12 months.

Certificate Requirements

  • 80% attendance required (one absence per course)
  • Minimum grade of 70% in each course

Technology Requirements

You will need computer access (PC, not Mac) outside of your work and lab/classroom as you will be required to download software. You will also need a printer, Internet access and a flash drive to complete your courses.  Look at the course information then print out the scheduling calendars and plan your course of study.

Register online or call 470-578-6765.  Should you have any questions or need assistance concerning the program, call Jennifer Henderson, Program Manager, 470-578-3371.

Application Requirements

To get started on your Paralegal career, complete the Skills Assessment and application.

Follow these directions pdf_icon to complete the Skills Assessment. You will be directed to the application form from the Skills Assessment.


Textbooks are required for most courses. Check the individual course descriptions for book titles. Books may be purchased at the KSU Center bookstore. For information about the pricing of books, check the University Bookstore website.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of all 13 courses, students may request their certificate. Students are invited to attend graduation in June or December.

Information Sessions

Sessions are held at the KSU Center in January and July. This is a time to learn about the program, meet the instructors and view the textbooks. There is no cost for this information session.


Costs are $279 per course, or $3727 total plus books. The total book cost is approximately $1200.

Ethical Conduct Policy

Students must do their own work. Cheating is not permitted and will result in dismissal without a refund.