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Languages for Travelers


Languages for Travelers

Going Abroad?

Try our short and easy courses for tourists!

Italian for Tourists
Are you planning your next travel adventure to Italy? Learn phrases and culture in this introductory course.

Italian for Tourists – Part Two
Continue learning new phrases and vocabulary while raising your comfort level with the language. Try this course if you have taken a previous Italian class, and/or traveled to Italy and have a basic foundation with the language.

French for Tourists

If you are you planning your next travel adventure to a French-speaking country, start with this course to get the most out of your trip!

Spanish I

Whether you are planning a trip to a Spanish – speaking country or if you just want to refresh your basic Spanish skills, this introductory course will provide you with a good overview of common words and phrases used in the language.

On Our Blog
Five Aspects of Language Learning
TESOL Guest Speaker
“Linguistic constipation.” It’s what Babatunji Ifarinu calls that feeling you get when you know vocabulary words in another language but can’t seem to form practical sentences. “The definitions may be in their memories, but when it's time to use the concepts in context, they may not be able to get it out,” Babatunji told a class of TESOL students during his recent guest lecture.... read more ❯

Talking Travel
Do you dream of foreign travel? Or maybe you have an international business trip coming up? It’s always better to visit a country knowing just a little bit of the language and culture. With this in mind, we’ve developed a series of five-week language courses designed specifically for travelers. There are no textbooks or complicated conjugation charts to memorize. You meet for two hours... read more ❯

Language Instructors Recognized by GATESOL
Liz Bigler
Our instructors are continually recognized by professional organizations as experts in their field, and our Languages program is no exception. Liz Bigler, who teaches for our TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate, has just been named the 2014 recipient of the GATESOL Beverly Benson Travel Grant. This grant will allow her to attend the International TESOL Conference... read more ❯