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Career Development


Career Development

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Interview Coaching

We live and work in a very competitive world, one in which the job interview has never been more important. Job seekers of all ages can benefit from interview coaching. With the use of tested techniques and targeted resources, you can build confidence in your interviewing skills and deliver quality information with impact. This class arms you with powerful interviewing techniques to make a positive impression upon potential employers. Learn how to effectively promote your number one brand…YOU.

  • Understand and leverage the power of behavioral interviewing techniques
  • Identify key talking points for the interview
  • Translate past challenges and achievements into engaging interview scripts
  • Understand how to master the three core components of the interview and how to identify core skills and strengths to help prepare for the interview
  • Gain confidence in controlling worry and anxiety surrounding the interview process
  • Focus on critical fine points to elevate your interview performance

Upon successful completion of this class, students will have an action plan to better prepare for and complete job interviews from a position of strength.

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Professional Branding & Resume Writing

Are you seeking a new career role or considering a career transition? This class looks beyond job titles and explores roles that represent a strong fit. Employers want specialists and experts on their team. Learn how to give them what they want while landing a better career.

The class will focus on the following tools, resources and techniques to put you on the path toward a successful job search:

  • Embracing your uniqueness
  • Becoming an expert/specialist
  • Building an expert profile
  • Joining like-minded professionals
  • Promoting yourself
  • Crafting a focused resume
  • Developing your job search documents
  • Networking
  • Using tools, techniques, and resources for brand promotion
  • Developing a LinkedIn profile that gets noticed
  • Behavioral interviewing techniques

Upon completion of this class, you will gain a greater focus and an action plan to successfully compete in the current job market.

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Launching and Refining Your Linkedin Profile

If you aren’t using LinkedIn during your career search or business networking, you are missing out on one of the fastest growing and more effective career tools on the market. LinkedIn has a much broader and greater use than just finding a job. It’s long been a tool that professionals use for a variety of reasons, such as an online “Rolodex,” a marketing tool, an online presentation platform, a forum for private and public discussions, and much more. And as it has grown over the last few years, more and more attention has been placed on it to help connect job seekers with career opportunities. Its greatest benefit is connecting the seeker with the job opportunity via networking through your contacts to the people that are looking to hire new talent.

This class will go beyond the basics, although basics will be discussed. However, the goal is to focus on the ability to leverage LinkedIn to help locate jobs, contacts, or leads. You’ll learn both why and how to be a professional online networker and how to make LinkedIn work for you in your job search!

  • The profile
  • How to best utilize Groups
  • LinkedIn and your job search
  • Open Q & A on LinkedIn

Anyone can attend, whether or you are currently in a job search or simply want to learn more about LinkedIn.

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Discover the Hidden Job Market

You’ve probably asked yourself, “What is the hidden job market? Why is it hidden and how can I find it?” In this class, the hidden job market isn’t really hidden, but it will take creativity, resourcefulness and determination to access. You will discover the hidden job market is just another name for a proactive job search.

Learn how to take control of your search by ending the old, obvious and tired tools and techniques. You will be introduced to a fresh, new way of unearthing the hidden job market by using:

  • Networking
  • Print Ads
  • Metasearch Job Boards
  • Specialty Job Boards
  • Researching Companies of Interest
  • Professional Associations
  • Alumni Associations

The course will also teach you how to effectively organize your time and leverage your resources to create momentum in your job search. In a competitive market, the candidate who is willing to put in the time and effort, while being more creative and tenacious, will have the advantage.

Now’s the time to take control, kick it into gear and uncover promising leads. If you need help getting organized, staying focused, updating your marketing materials, or preparing for interviews, this class is for you!

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Note: CCPE students that have enrolled in a class within the last year receive a $50 discount. Must register by phone or in person to receive discount. Call 470-578-6765 for details.


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On Our Blog
Paralegal Certificate Program Continues to Thrive
Where else can you interact with lawyers, network with judges, experience a trial, and get a job? We’ve got a class for that! For more than 30 years, our Paralegal Certificate has launched countless graduates into the legal field. We are proud of the history of this program and wanted to highlight what makes it extraordinary.     What’s in a name? Dennis O'Brien, Cheryl Richardson, Jeffrey Gaba, John (Dick) Edwards – a quick Google search will enlighten you on the caliber of our instructors. Our teaching team represents experienced and active lawyers and paralegals. They know the legal system and have the accolades and credentials to prove it. It’s a family affair. Dick Edwards, Cobb County Assistant District Attorney, was on hand in 2014 when we dedicated our Law Library. Its namesake – his father, the late Joe R. Edwards. Widely known as “every man’s attorney,” Joe R. Edwards was known for defending lower-income clients, often pro bono. Our law library is exclusive to our Paralegal students and houses thousands of law books for our Legal Research & Writing students to use for coursework. We know what success looks like – just ask UPCEA. The University Professional and Continuing Education Association has honored our program with multiple regional... read more ❯

Grad Plans Events for City of Smyrna
Event Planning
Theresa Galletta graduated from the Meeting & Event Management program in November 2008. She was excited to change careers, from working as a systems engineer at IBM for 20 years to pursuing event planning. After completing the course and getting her certificate, she worked as an independent meeting and event planner with her own company, Meeting Street Events, LLC. Later, she heard that a facilities event coordinator was needed for the City of Smyrna and jumped at the chance to merge her two loves: preserving historic buildings and event planning. Theresa currently manages three historic buildings which includes a cabin, a Victorian home and Brawner Hall, a grand banquet hall with a 10-acre park. These buildings get rented out for meetings and events. “I enjoy helping people accomplish whatever goals they have for their meeting or event. I always remind my staff that, while this is a job for us, these are life events for our customers,” Theresa said. “There are no do-overs, so we strive to make all events the best that they can be.” Working as an event coordinator, every day is different for her. Each day is packed with tasks and opportunities that are different from... read more ❯

Executive Chef Shares His Journey, Offers Advice
Canoe Restaurant
Matthew Basford is the Executive Chef at Canoe, one of our Culinary Apprenticeship sites. He values sharing his experience with future chefs to encourage them to pursue the industry. The Culinary Apprenticeship Certificate is an eight-month intense program designed for aspiring culinary professionals with a passion for food who desire something more than the traditional, classroom-based culinary education program. Students will work hands-on in the kitchen alongside professional chefs like Matthew who provide the tools needed to succeed in the industry. Apprenticeships will consist of roughly 15 hours per week in rotation between several prestigious venues. When Matthew began, he was washing dishes as a way to get his foot in the door. It was helpful for him to discover if the cooking world was for him. “It will also give you valuable experience in a most underrated area of the culinary world," he said. "It may also help get you a foot in the door at top restaurants." From dishwashing, he was promoted to line cook, sous chef, executive sous chef until Matthew achieved the top spot as Executive Chef. He said, “It... read more ❯

OLLI Instructor, Students Explore Art in Tuscany
OLLI Art Students Visit Tuscany
Kathy Rennell Forbes, award-winning OLLI instructor and professional artist, educates others around Georgia and the globe about art. In 2017, she was the Invited Master Artist at the Olmstead Plein Air Invitational. She has also conducted plein air workshops in countries such as Cuba and Spain. OLLI students traveled with her to Tuscany, Italy, the site of her fifth workshop, which focuses on a nature-based style of art. Here, she recounts that experience. Each day began with a watercolor painting demo and discussion on how to select the best scene. Next, the students had time to paint while I gave individual instruction to each. They traveled with a small bag of watercolor supplies that were easy to transport and very accessible. They painted “en plein air” (out in the open air), capturing the stunning beauty of the nearby towns. Students created their personal watercolor journal. The images will inspire larger paintings either at their home studios or in a class. In the afternoons, most continued painting while some explored the town and local shops. Each evening, they completed their paintings, refreshed before an evening of conversation, music, and freshly prepared Italian food and local wine. Throughout the week, the student’s confidence grew and their paintings... read more ❯

Certified Financial Planner™ Program Instructor Spotlight: Christian Mauser
Christian Mauser, Certified Financial Planner Program instructor at College of Continuing and Professional Education
The need for financial planning services has resulted in the demand for professional, competent advisors. Christian Mauser, one of our Certified Financial Planner™ Program instructors, will be teaching the investment portion of our course. Here, he shares how he got his start, insight on the industry, and a few investment strategies. Share your background and how it relates to this course? Why is it important for you to teach this? I am a fee-only certified financial planner who has been practicing for seven years. I stumbled into an Intro to Financial Planning course in college and fell in love with the topic. To me, financial planning is not about market gains – it’s about helping people through the difficult decisions in their lives. Of course, the numbers do matter! But so do emotional transitions. In my work, I enjoy connecting with people and being able to provide friendly expertise. I try to simplify financial issues with stories that my clients can relate to, and I use humor to make serious topics easier to discuss. It is important to me to help teach the CFP® curriculum because the industry needs thoughtful, caring and hardworking individuals to guide clients through the complexities of retirement. The... read more ❯

Karen Schmidt, Pharmacy Technician Grad
Karen Schmidt, Pharmacy Technician Grad
A career change and a heart attack can be daunting — just ask Karen Schmidt, 2007 Pharmacy Technician graduate. However, through the training gained at CCPE, Karen went from working in healthcare insurance to employed at WellStar. At the age of 49, Karen suffered a heart attack due to a blocked artery. When she was ready to go back to work several weeks later, she discovered her job was being relocated to Texas. Unable to move, Karen took this as a sign to go in a new path. She had been out of work for two and a half years when she received our Course catalog in the mail. Karen recognized the name of the instructor listed — it was her pharmacist, Tim Sanders. “The writing had been on the wall for this career change,” Karen said. He encouraged her to enroll and told her that she could use the Pharmacy Technician program as a solid foundation to spring board her second career. “Karen was prepared, attentive, and participated well in the classroom setting,” Tim said. “Her questions were reasoned and well-thought-out and the answers that ensued benefited the entire class. The kind of student that all instructors appreciate.” Karen initially wanted to use... read more ❯

Eating Healthy on a Budget
Shopping On A Budget
Amber McElduff, Health Coach grad, shares tips and tricks on how to live a healthy lifestyle on a reasonable budget. From being an athlete to battling anorexia, Amber has dedicated her career to helping others realize that their health is the greatest asset. Previously, she also shared one of her favorite healthy smoothies for a quick meal replacement or workout energy boost. Get the recipe.   Tips for Saving Money: Plan your meals. Like it or not, this is necessary for more than just counting your calories. This allows you to save money. By planning your meals in advance, it allows you to look for deals on the food you need. Shop with a list. This is a rule, whether trying to stay fit or not. You buy more unnecessary things if you don't have list. Then it spoils, which leads to waste, which leads to wasted money. This is also another reason I propose meal planning. Not just for calorie tracking, but for money saving! If you know what you plan to eat, you know what you should buy! Buy now, save later — buy in bulk. I don't really get to do this a lot, as I live in a... read more ❯

Health Coach Grad Shares Recipe
Amber McElduff
Looking for an easy meal replacement or an energy boost for before or after your workout? Health Coach graduate Amber McElduff has a recipe that's good for you and tastes delicious, too. Amber, who graduated from the Health Coach program in June 2017, took the course because of her interest in total body health, including proper nutrition. At an early age, she was diagnosed with hirsutism, a hormonal imbalance. The doctor did not give her any information on how she could incorporate healthy choices into her diet. Amber went through a period of anorexia along with a friend who lost her life to the disease. Determined to get back on track, she further educated herself on healthy dieting and exercise. She now wants to show others how having a healthy body is their greatest asset. Here, Amber shares one of her favorite healthy recipes. Chunky Monkey Smoothie Recipe: 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 1 banana 1 tablespoon cocoa powder or cacao powder 2 tablespoons powdered peanut butter 1 cup/8 ounces almond or cashew milk 2 ounces water Stevia extract to taste Ice Live Recipe Demo: [fbvideo link="https://www.facebook.com/ksucontinuinged/videos/10155641630903948/" width="300" height="600" onlyvideo="1"]   This can be used as a pre- or post-workout meal, as well as a meal replacement. ... read more ❯

22nd Annual Celebration Lauds Instructors, Brings Laughs
CE Celebration
Each year, our college thanks instructors with a night of food, fun and gratitude. Our 22nd annual CE Celebration event on Aug. 25 brought together more than 100 educators, CCPE staff members, and a host of family and friends. We also welcomed KSU President Sam Olens and campus partners including Athletics, University Information Technology Services, and the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing. Our instructors are the key to our continuing education graduates succeeding in the workforce. Whether our students get job offers, receive promotions or start their own businesses, what they learn at our college launches them to professional heights. Our graduates will have learned from lawyers, medical assistants, registered nurses, certified technology professionals, executive chefs, event planners and a host of others who represent more than 50 career fields. One of the many highlights of the celebratory evening was the food! We are grateful to the following Kennesaw-area restaurants: Bahama Breeze, 755 Ernest Barrett Parkway Chick-Fil-A, 830 Ernest Barrett Parkway Chuy’s Mexican Food, 585 Ernest Barrett Parkway Copelands of New Orleans, 1142 Ernest Barrett Parkway Hudson Grille, 2500 Cobb Place Lane Little Greek Fresh Grill, 745 Chastain Road Longhorn Steakhouse, 2700 Town Center Drive Marlow’s Tavern, 745 Chastain Road Ruth’s... read more ❯

OLLI Sampler
OLLI Sampler
The yearly OLLI Sampler hopes to encourage students to try new courses and gives an opportunity to experience an overview of what OLLI has to offer. This year’s class ranges from Gerald Flinchum’s course on the Guerilla War in Georgia to Steve Nudson’s course on sketching. The Sampler takes place every Monday in October from 1-3 p.m. Each instructor will teach for one hour on their designated day. Those who participate in the Sampler will receive a registration to the OLLI Oktoberfest Social on Oct. 30. This year, OLLI focused on promoting new courses along with bringing back old favorites. Students will have the opportunity to have face-to-face time with instructors and ask questions. “Many of our instructors have a following of students, and the Sampler allows new instructors the chance to be in front of a class and encourage students to register,” said OLLI program manager Patricia Walker. “I hope students gain a good sense of what we have to offer and that they sign up for a new course to broaden and extend the types of classes they have been participating in.” Below is a complete schedule for the OLLI Sampler. October 2: Howard Page – Why is Life the Way it... read more ❯

Connecting with Single Seniors
It’s easy to forget about our single seniors. Just ask Dick Harp, our OLLI director. He shares his passion on connecting with them and proposes some ideas to ponder. Several years ago, we tried to develop a program for single seniors within our OLLI.  Unfortunately, we were not successful in our efforts. I still feel there is a need for such a program and would like to ask our current members for their suggestions and help in making another attempt to serve the many singles that live in our Kennesaw State University area. Feeling Out of Place Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak with many of these individuals. They have taken OLLI classes but, with a few exceptions, have not participated in our socials, trips, Club Room activities, Donuts and Notes, or other activities because they feel out of place attending functions by themselves. Offering Solutions I would like to ask for your help in creating this program. Any suggestions you could offer would be welcomed. In addition, it would be beneficial if we could find a few people willing to take a leadership role in creating this program. Our first step would... read more ❯

Paralegal Program Offers Students Courthouse Experience
Paralegal Courthouse Tour
This fall students enrolled in the Paralegal Certificate program will have the unique opportunity to visit the most influential legal offices in Cobb County. The guided tour will allow students to see and experience the county court system behind the scenes. “Our students spend a lot of time with our attorneys learning about the law and the court system,” Jennifer Henderson, program manager for the Paralegal Certificate said. “They hear from paralegals on what their role will be once they are in a law office, but they need the practical piece that would help them put it all together.” Students will begin their tour at the Cobb County Probate Court, where they will learn the duties and matters assigned to the Probate Court under Georgia law. Other stops include Juvenile Court, the district attorney’s office and the Superior Court Clerk’s office. Tour participants will speak with judges, interact with attorneys and other court personnel. They will also have the opportunity to view actual trials and court proceedings taking place in Magistrate Court. Jennifer said the tour is there to help take away the apprehension of approaching the court system or its employees, and to build their confidence with navigating the Courts and Departments within... read more ❯