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Dean’s Greeting


Be Your Own Boss

Do you want a seat at the table, or do you want to own the tables, chairs, room and building? Entrepreneurship can create a world of opportunity. It is undoubtedly hard work but it can ultimately be very rewarding. Knowledge is power, and our featured student personifies this.

David Drake owns his own business, reOneSpot.com. His website serves as a resource for real estate agents. David knew the site was useful, but he wanted to enhance it. With the rapid pace of technology, this business owner knew his site needed to be more than useful – it needed to be on the cutting edge.

“Everything we are doing now is online and in the cloud,” he said. “If you’re not familiar with how this stuff works, you’re at the will of other people.”

Our Web Design & Development program was David’s solution. He was able to combine his experience in graphic design with his affinity for technology. Another appeal was the instructors who actively work in the web design and development field.

“For less than the cost of paying someone to build a website, I could pay for myself to attend class and learn it quicker,” David said. “The return on investment was huge.” Since completing the program, David has been able to enhance marketing for his business through a new-and-improved site. He’s also incorporated email marketing campaigns and tracks his success through Google Analytics. Read more about David’s path to success on our blog.

Are you ready to call the shots? Let us help you get started. Meeting & Event Management, Culinary Apprenticeship, Personal Financial Planner – these are among our many certificate programs that could be a catalyst for your path to entrepreneurship. Are you ready to take that first step?


Barbara S. Calhoun, Dean
College of Continuing and Professional Education

Dean Barbara S. Calhoun

Dean Barbara S. Calhoun